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Why Animal Art Is The Best Way To Redesign Your Room Blank Wall

Harcourts Four Seasons
Why Animal Art Is The Best Way To Redesign Your Room Blank Wall

Sometimes the best way to decorate a blank wall is by plopping down an artwork on it and hoping that you get lucky. For example, hang a monkey picture over your desk during math class or put up a horse head for Halloween to give your living room personality.

Why do people hang artwork on blank walls?

Gallery walls are one of the most popular design trends in interior design. They come in all shapes and sizes, but a blank wall with art hanging on it is a common feature. So, why do people love gallery walls? Here are some reasons animal art is the best way to redesign your room:

  • Animal Art Can Add Personality To A Room: With so many different styles and types of animal art, you can find something that perfectly matches your personality and style. Whether you want a whimsical theme or want something more subtle, there’s sure to be an Animal Artwork that hits the mark.
  • Animal Art Is Fun And Playful: Apart from adding personality to a room, animal artwork can also be fun and playful. Some pieces are designed with interactive elements that children will love playing with. This helps to add some lightheartedness and joy to a room, which can be desperately needed on days when everything feels too rote and mundane.

aminal artwork

  • Animal Art Boosts The Senses: Just like any piece of art, animal artwork can work its magic on different levels. Some people describe Abstract Wall Art as ‘lifesaving’ because it can help boost moods and improve overall visual health. It can do wonders for anyone with a hearing impairment or who may have trouble seeing things. Animals can also awaken various senses in the human mind: listening and hearing, as well as touch and sight.
  • Animal Art Helps Regain Balance And Joyful Sense Of Self: Looking at artwork gives the mind a break from everyday habits and activities, even if it’s only for a moment. This vital breather allows us to think straight and regain balance when everything feels upside down and so weird that we don’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore (Take this analogy literally; these feelings will come).

How to think about the best ideas for Animal Art?

Decorating your room with animal art is a great way to liven things up and add some personality to your space. Additionally, animal art can be used to redesign your space if you feel that your walls are looking a bit too plain. Here are some tips for incorporating animal art into your decor:

- Look for inspiration online or in magazines. There are endless opportunities to find beautiful animal artwork online, and many publications have dedicated sections featuring inspiring designs. If you don’t have access to magazines, several online resources can provide you with plenty of inspiration.

- Consider using floral or other natural elements with your animals. Rather than relying solely on brightly-coloured animals, try adding softer tones such as browns, purples, and greens to help give your room an element of tranquillity. This will also help to offset any bright colours used in the animal artwork.

- If you find yourself struggling to develop unique ideas, take a look at nature itself. Animals are fascinating creatures, and there’s no better way to fill up a blank wall than by drawing inspiration from what’s around you. By studying animal features and forms, you may find that your brain is moving in brand new directions and coming up with some amazing ideas.

-Make sure that your artistic style doesn’t overwhelm the room. In general, artwork should be neatly hung on walls instead of randomly strung all over. Look for ways to incorporate everything surrounding the animals into the design, so there isn’t a huge sense of clutter.

What to avoid when decorating your room with Animal Artwork

When you want to decorate your room with animal art, there are a few things you should avoid.

1. Don't resort to using tacky, juvenile prints or designs. Animals come in all shapes and sizes and have unique personalities, so it's important to go with something that accurately reflects your chosen animal's appearance.

2. Avoid using too many small animals together on one piece of artwork - they'll all look too crowded looking. Try to break up the larger animals with different objects or textures to create more balance and interest.

3. Be choosy about which Abstract Wall Art you buy - if you have a big choice, it can be tempting to purchase every available piece, but this is not always the best idea. A few well-chosen pieces will do much more to enhance your room than a lot of lesser options.

4. Make sure whenever you put a new piece of artwork, you put matching frames in the old ones - the negatives can often tell you more than anything else where your animals originally came from, so try to pay attention to them. You might be surprised if this puts you on the right track!

5. Don't take your eyes off your animals for too long - as soon as something changes (e.g. smell or texture), this can cause problems for your room and animals. Your keyboard could start dirtying itself. Some tapestries will suddenly become too heavy. So if you think a disparity has occurred (e.g. smell, texture) but can't be deciphered, it's best to put away all the creatures to check everything was left alone.

6. Don't move your animals around too much. You don't want to accidentally injure one or knock it off balance, and therefore, it falls onto one of your touchable items or walls.

Final Thought

If your home is missing that certain "zing", and you need to inject some excitement into your interior design, animal art should be on your list! This unique style can inject a lot of personality into any room, whether the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. All you need is a bit of inspiration and some budget willing to spend, and you'll be on your way to creating an exclusively animal-themed space that everyone will love!

Harcourts Four Seasons
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