A Closer Look at the MicroBT Whatsminer M30 Cryptocurrency Miner

Rachel Cluggs

MicroBT is a leading manufacturer of crypto mining hardware. The MicroBT Whatsminer M30s was released in April 2020. The M20s was an improved model than the M20s. It received widespread praise at its release. Their commitment to transparency helped them quickly build a reputation as one the most trusted equipment suppliers. Let's take an in-depth look at the MicroBT Whatsminer M30s.

The Whatsminer Bitcoin mining machine is an affordable option. This unit is a leading manufacturer of Bitcoin ASICs. Its M31s model has a hash rate of 82 terahashes per second and consumes 33W/t. These devices verify millions of transactions every second, and when they do, they're rewarded with cryptocurrency.

MicroBT, the company that makes Whatsminer bitcoin mining equipment, has already made $400 million in the last few months. The company faced some setbacks, including delays in chip supply. Yang Zuoxing is the company's founder and claims that they have sold more than 100,000 units. He also plans to sell 200,000 units this month. The Whatsminer crypto miner is very popular with those who have tried it.

MicroBT announces new models of the Whatsminer mining machines. The M50 series has been designed to run at higher power levels for longer periods of time. The new model features a Samsung air-cooled processor, which will increase the unit's efficiency. The Whatsminer M50s has a processing speed of 66 TH/s. It also consumes 50W/T. MicroBT has confirmed that the M50 series will become available in Q3 2022. The Whatsminer M50s will now be available for pre-order via the new website.

The MicroBT Whatsminer M50S has the ability to run for longer periods and at higher power. Samsung has created a microprocessor with a 5 nm process. The whatsminer's maximum hashrate, the M50s, is 126 trillionths. It uses 3,306Watts. The maximum power efficiency for the whatsminer M53 is 29 J/TH. The microBt WhatsminerM50s has not been released yet, but the company plans on releasing a new model in 2020.

Microbt first announced the M50 series at the Bitcoin 22 conference. The M50S boasts a fully-custom chip design and 126 TH/s computational processing power. The Whatsminer M50S runs at 3,276 watts and 26 joules per terahash. With these specifications, it's no wonder that it's the best-selling Bitcoin miner.

MicroBT has three Whatsminer Models on the Market Today: the MicroBT M30S++ & M30S. Each model has a different hashrate and is available in 12 different price ranges. MicroBT also maintains a satellite location in the United States. They are available to assist you in purchasing and servicing your new Whatsminer. They will make sure that you are satisfied with your new product. MicroBT Howsminer will answer any questions you may have. The company stands behind their products.

Customers will be able to transition into 2X J/T mining by using the MicroBT Whatsminer M50 range. This series is ESG-friendly and has power that never ceases. The company intends to ship the M50 series within Q3-2022, although it is too soon to be certain. The Bitmain Whatsminer S19 XP may be available on the market in July 2022. Until then, the Whatsminer M50 series will remain an important contender in the Bitcoin mining market.

Rachel Cluggs
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