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How to Improve Vocal Projection as a Rapper

Jared White
How to Improve Vocal Projection as a Rapper

An adorable feature that people of all ages can get behind, an incredible singing voice will not only help listeners feel at ease during a time when they might otherwise feel anxious, but it could also get one discovered by some massive names in the music industry who are on the hunt for talented artists to help make names for themselves by showcasing their skills to the world-at-large!

If you are a musician, the most overlooked component of appealing and robust communication is the power and clarity with which you talk; nonetheless, it's essential not to overlook this vital aspect because it is one of the defining factors that makes someone or something truly stand out!

Get Familiar with Your Voice

Having good vocal technique means running through the basics. An essential aspect of your singing that you might not be aware of is the ability to recognize the sound of your voice. Most rappers are surprised by their voice when they hear it recorded, but it's necessary to understand what your vocals sound like before you begin tweaking with unique techniques to suit your style and purpose. After you've recorded yourself, listen to your recording and respond by checking off the boxes for each of the following categories:


While delivering a presentation, do you speak clearly and loudly enough for audience members to hear you?

1. It is a common misconception that it is wrong to exaggerate the way one moves when speaking.

2. Put your pencil to some use. Hold it horizontally between your teeth and speak clearly. This should get you enough practice for now, as there are plenty more sentences for you to make out here!

3. Practice the tongue twisters in a loud voice with proper pronunciation.


Enthusiasm and Energy: These two words go together; they're sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. When these concepts are mentioned in one sentence, what is meant is that the speaker has constantly high levels of both outlook or attitude and energy or intensity on a physical level. The need to speak passionately about your brand is a must. When you relay facts, it's okay to keep it professional, but people tend to expect more from someone who wears their feelings on the sleeve. Certain people might think you're more authentic and will appreciate your candid style, possibly gaining their trust faster than if you had relayed less emotion. Remember that not everyone appreciates a passionate presentation, so keep it positive if possible!


Do you have dreams of becoming a famous rock star someday? Do you want your music to sound more profound, well-rounded, and prosperous? It all comes down to the vibrations. The chest, throat, mouth, and nasal cavities serve as our "sound box," allowing us to resonate with any sound we want. Being able to control these sounds ultimately allows us to use pitch and tone that can help create bass notes from our upper body cavity. If you want to make a real change in the world with music one day, work on getting volume out of your core so that it lifts the pitch you get out of your torso when singing. Here's how: create a high pitched sound, then gradually bring it down into a lower toned sound using your voice - its resonance should travel from your larynx to your abdomen, where it'll hit that booming chest register unique only to singers!

Performing various exercises related to improving your voice will help you warm up your lungs and get you ready to start speaking. Here are a few examples: anything that calls for using your voice while inside of the car when driving (listening to music on the radio), tutorials to get more familiar with new apps on your smartphone, or songs) can help improve your voice. Also, make sure that at least twice per day, you run through simple routines about otherwise unrelated things (who's having a baby party in the neighborhood, who broke whose computer, what day is today, etc.) where you focus entirely on your newfound self. 

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Jared White
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