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9 Ways to Help Your Brand Become More Popular

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9 Ways to Help Your Brand Become More Popular

Brand is a very important thing for a company, and it is also what a company needs to accumulate in the long run. But many people do not know what to do to help themselves to better promote the company's brand. There are nine main directions for improving the company's brand, they are:

1. Create and use business stickers

Custom Stickers for Business and Custom Lables are considered to be one of the best ways to promote a company, make your brand grow and become more recognizable, regardless of its size. Use custom business stickers with a company logo (even the biggest names in the business do that!), give business stickers out to clients and send business stickers out with orders, make promotional deals, and include all the important information on your custom business stickers. Companies that use spreading stickers as part of their business strategy tend to experience faster growth and recognizability.

2. Vivid brand image design

The unified image design of the brand is impacting consumers' memory of the brand and can obtain consumers' recognition in a relatively short time. Many companies have relied on this work to make their businesses develop rapidly, such as the famous Coca-Cola Company, McDonald's fast food, etc.

3. Good communication points and slogans

An innovative slogan or communication point can make a big difference in brand perception. For example, the well-known Dutch brand Philips has a slogan of "Let's do better" resounding all over the world, making consumers memorable and easy to recognize brand awareness. Another example is McDonald's "I like it", which can easily resonate in the minds of consumers all around the globe.

4. Advertising creativity

Advertising creativity is the soul of modern advertising. David Ogilvy, a famous American advertiser, once said: "To attract the attention of consumers and let them buy your products, you must have very good features, unless your Advertising has very good ideas, otherwise it's like a ship that's quickly swallowed by the night." David Ogilvy's "idea" means creativity. Creativity is the imagination, processing, combination, and creation of the creative objects of advertisements by advertising designers so that the goods present potential realistic beauty, such as good performance, exquisite packaging, reasonable prices, thoughtful service, etc., and sublime to consumers. The specific phenomenon felt by the advertisement can quickly grab the attention of consumers and make them interested, so as to achieve the level of brand recognition deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


5. Advertising should be done on a suitable scale

Advertising is good for brand recognition, and our lives today are constantly impacted by advertising. As a means of communication, advertising has become an important weapon to develop the market. There is an appropriate size for the scale of advertising, and it is not that bigger is better, or too much. Its utility increases gradually with the increase of investment at the beginning, but after the optimal selection point, the utility of advertising decreases with the increase of advertising investment. There is a problem of optimal choice. The rapid decline of many advertising icon kings is a good example.

6. PR sponsorship is an advertising booster

The purpose of corporate PR sponsorship is to generate and maintain brand recognition. The sponsor's brand will increase its popularity with the promotion of the sponsorship event and will make the brand plated with the meaning and color of the event. If the event is praised, affirmed, and liked by everyone, the reputation of the brand sponsoring the event will be greatly improved; otherwise, just the opposite. Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the Olympics is a very successful example, and the Olympics have become Coca-Cola's ambassadors. Through these public relations sponsorship activities, Coca-Cola beverages have been able to maintain their No. 1 position in the world and win consumers' preference. Its brand value has reached more than 70 billion US dollars, making it the most valuable brand in the world.

7. Play a celebrity role

Celebrity fame can effectively drive a substantial increase in brand awareness. Because celebrities, stars, and experts are the objects of worship, imitation, and learning by many consumers. Sports stars, movie stars, and singers are often idols worshiped by young people. With the help of stars to promote products and brands, it is easy to attract attention, deepen the impression, and achieve brand awareness. And some products need an expert recommendation, such as pharmaceutical products, it is better if recommended by famous doctors, and if the photographic equipment is recommended by professional photographers, it can deepen people's awareness; Nike's glory was mostly established on the star-power of its famous ambassador.

8. Boost your brand with news events

Because news events themselves have a strong effect, they are not only widely advertised in major media but are also topics that people are willing to talk about after dinner, especially events that can shock people. It can be said that all other news unrelated to the earthquake has been submerged in this major news event during this period. If the brand can use it, it can make rapid progress.

9. Give the brand a strong name

To put it exaggeratedly, picking a good name will have a multiplier effect, and Japan's Sony Corporation is the best example. Japan's Sony Corporation was formerly known as Tokyo Telecommunications Technology Company, and its English translation was "Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company". Akio Morita found that the name was very unpleasant as if it was a password, so he decided to change the name of the company. He looked through the dictionary and stumbled across the Latin word "suns," which means "sound." In Japan at that time, some people called smart children "sonny", which means "happy boy". "sonny" is quite similar to the Latin root "souns", which means optimistic and happy. However, the word "sonny" is the same sound as "sohn-nee" in Japanese romanization, meaning to lose money. Then a repeated letter was removed and it became "Sony" (Sony). The characteristic of the name is that it has no real meaning in any language, and the pronunciation is the same, it is easy to remember, and it expresses the meaning that the designer needs - to reflect that the product is related to the sound. In addition, the word "Sony" is written in the Latin alphabet, and people in many countries think it is from their own language. This is of great benefit to improve the awareness of "Sony" products, and it is easy to gain a sense of identity. The naming of "SONY" can be regarded as a classic masterpiece, similar to this are Coca-Cola, Lenovo and so on. It can be seen that a resounding name suitable for the brand is the naming principle.

In a word, in this market with numerous brands, only a prominent brand can continuously attract more consumers and obtain greater benefits. Creating brand differentiation is an important means. Good brand introduction can be integrated into the above nine aspects, in accordance with the brand texture, and tonality of the introduction copy, so that visitors comfort the brand image, a comprehensive understanding of the core value of the brand, so as to achieve subsequent economic benefits. I highly recommend you start doing them one at a time.

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