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The 8 Of The Most Common Things People Always Tend To Forget When Moving House!

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The 8 Of The Most Common Things People Always Tend To Forget When Moving House!

We all know that moving house is stressful.

Depending on when you move it can be an extremely busy time for individuals, students and families.

Because of this, it's often so easy to forget elements of your move that can be considered important. Although some of these pointers might be obvious, there's no doubt that, in many cases, people simply forget to deal with them before, when or after moving to a new location.

To help you stay right on track, here are eight things that you should remember but are often overlooked before moving home. 

1. Notifying Companies and Others About Your Address Change

Probably the most obvious of all is to let everyone who will need to know where you moved to where your new address is.

There is most likely going to be quite a large list, but here are some of the key people/organisations to update.

•            Utility Companies (To Accurately Receive Bills For Water, Gas, Electricity)

•           Your Bank and other financial institutions.

•            Your Dentist

•            Your GP / Doctor

•            Online Shopping Apps (eBay, Amazon) To Ensure Deliveries Go To The Correct Address

•            Subscription services (For Billing Purposes)

•            Schools and Other Education Institutions (If You Have Children) 

•            Your Vet (If You Own A Pet)

•            Your Employer 

•            Insurance Providers

•            Transport authorities (e.g., Transport for NSW to change your driving licence address)

•            Sports and Leisure Centers

These are just some of the places to remember. Don't forget family and friends too! Especially ones that live abroad, as they may receive fewer updates on your whereabouts.

2. Labelling Boxes Correctly

Not immediately considered by some people, but if you have tons and tons of moving boxes, you are going to want to think smart and ensure that each one is carefully labelled.

Consider the alternative, if you didn't label them: How will you keep track once everything’s in the moving trucks?

The moral of the story - It's key to label everything as you go, so you know exactly what's in each box, especially if there's anything fragile in them. 

3. If Using A Removalist Get More Than One Removal Quote

While it's easy to take the first removal quote you find, you are going to want to shop around as you might find a better deal!

There are thousands of removalists you can use out there, so being a little patient and doing some research helps find more competitive prices.

4. Getting Storage Boxes

While some people tend to use whatever is lying around the house to pack items away, it pays to use sturdy moving boxes.

Stronger moving boxes ensure your precious belongings won't get damaged when on the move. If you're planning on using a removalist, more often than not they can supply these for you.

5. Packing an 'Essentials' / Survival Kit

When moving to your new home, you may be without some items. This is why it's always a good idea to pack a few things with you.

After all, there's nothing worse than moving home and spending hours digging around boxes looking for everyday items such as your toothbrush or phone charger! 

Remember to therefore pack some key items into a box with everything you'll need on your first day and night at your new location.

Some of the items you'll need are:

•            Medicine

•            Toiletries

•            Change of Clothes

•            Snacks

•            Device Chargers (Phone, Laptop)

•            Pet Food

•            Cutlery

•            Bottle of Water

6. Compiling Important Documents 

Always ensure that you keep your important documents close to you. When moving home items will tend to get lost. You do NOT want them to be your most important document.

These would include any of the following:

•            Passport

•            Insurance Papers

•            University Papers / Certificates

•            Rental Agreement Documents

•            Property Deeds

•            Financial Documents

•            Birth Certificate


7. Making Arrangements for Pets and Children

Moving house can have effects on people and children plus pets are no different.

Moving can be stressful and sometimes it's just simpler if both kids and pets are out of the way. For this reason, it pays to ask family or friends to watch your kids on moving day, so you can focus on the move without having to comfort upset children or animals!


Just don't forget to take your pet back after the move!

8. Forgetting to Defrost Your Freezer

We saved the best till last.

You'd be surprised how often people forget to defrost their freezer before they move out. If you're taking your freezer with you, then you'll need to do a few things

•            Clear it out of all the items

•            Defrost it a few days before you move

•            Give it a real clean before moving.

This way, things will stay hygienic and it's ready to be loaded for the big move.

Of course, there is so much more you "could" forget, fortunately, there are plenty of helpful moving resources out there. Checking out the ZOOM Removals Website for example would be worth it, as they have plenty of handy moving resources to get you all geared up for your big move. There are also plenty of handy government tips to review such as this one.

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