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What are the legal requirements for selling your house privately?


Selling an old home and buying a new one gives immense pleasure, but all your excitement vanishes once you deal with paperwork. Collecting papers, dealing with legal obligations, drafting agreements, and setting up a selling price brings challenges. If you are a novice seller/buyer, you will go through many complications, but once you have an idea about the process, you can quickly complete the process and successfully sell your private property. We buy houses in NZ through real estate agents who charge high commission rates, which is why homeowners look forward to selling/buying their property privately. 


Procedures & legal requirements to sell/buy a house


  • Set a fair market value: Setting up a fair deal for your property to sell is the initial stage. Pricing the property too low can drive the risk of underselling, while setting a high price can make you wait long. So, keep away from these scenarios and set a realistic price. To select a genuine price, you can track the nearby sales and hire property valuation experts.

  • Collect the legal requirements: Preparing for selling a house privately? Before closing the deal, you should collect information like identity proof, legal documents of the property, property title deeds, certificate of energy performance, property details form, mortgage details, and others. As a homeowner, if you have any issues on your property, you should disclose them.For instance, if you have any structural defects, drainage or plumbing problems, or other concerns, its best to inform the buyer. If you don’t announce these things to the buyer, they might ask for compensation or deny buying your home. 

  • Talk with an expert/buyer directly: If you want to avoid the difficulties of preparing the agreements for the private sale of the houseyou can now connect with a lawyer. Otherwise, you can connect with those platforms that directly connect you to the buyers.



After going through the steps mentioned earlier, you can connect with the companies who sell your house privately at a better price.

About the Author:

Housebuy is a well-known company in New Zealand that provides a wide range of services, including house purchases, apartment sales, property sales, and more. House Buy is very quick in their services and will make an offer within 48 hours once you contact them. House Buy will make you a speedy offer or provide you with information on the best alternative possibilities, and you can save money on renovations by selling your home to them.

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