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Guide to Deploying CRM to Drive Agent Productivity

Surya Choudhary
Guide to Deploying CRM to Drive Agent Productivity

While CRM is used for improving customer relationships and sales, it also helps in increasing productivity by 34 percent. As such, the insurance industry is rapidly deploying CRM to mazimize employee productivity. In this article, we will discuss the various ways through which CRM software for insurance agents can improve productivity.


Features of CRM that Contribute to Productivity

●      Contact management

●      Email integration

●      Workflow automation

●      Lead tracking

●      Messaging and live chat


How CRM Software for Agents Can Improve Productivity?

CRM software for insurance agents offers an array of unique, achievable advantages. The key benefits offered by contemporary, intuitive CRM systems are as follows:


Service Personalization

Maintaining positive relationships with customers allow insurance agents to drive loyalty, brand awareness, and revenue. Also, it is crucial for insurance agents and brokers to sustain relationships with clients because it not only helps them make more commission but also enhances business growth. The best CRM software for insurance agents enables them to place their focus on helping their customers. It allows them to make customers the centre point of all decisions.

Armed with mobile or cloud-based CRM software, agents can connect with prospective or existing customers at any time and from anywhere. These software solutions offer a 360-degree view of customers, allowing insurance businesses to personalize the customer experience. Agents and brokers can go through the past interchanges, location, buying habits, etc of the customers for delivering personalized messages at the right time and on the right platform.


Discover Data-Backed Insights

By using a CRM, insurance agencies can make all business and customer data available in a single system. CRM software for agents can empower them to make better, more strategic decisions aimed at business growth. Better decision-making goes a long way in ensuring agility and sustainability. Insights obtained from troves of data gathered from different sources can help agents find the best way to make more sales and improve customer relationships. CRM systems collect, consolidate, segment, and update volumes of information from different sources. This information is a goldmine for insurance agents and brokers. A number of CRM solutions also make use of data analytics and Big Data to predict outcomes. Insights received from customer data can be used to nurture relationships with clients.

Agents can keep an eye on the customer activity and gain insights into the processes that can be improved. These insights help insurance agencies in ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. It also helps the agents manage their work in a more productive manner.


24/7 Information Access and Security

The BFSI industry, particularly insurance, is rather customer-centric. When agents and brokers reach out to prospective or existing customers, a lot of information gets generated and collected. Insurance businesses must take appropriate measures for preventing unauthorized access, breach, or theft. CRM software for insurance agents consolidates all critical business and customer data in a secure, centralized platform. The database is safeguarded with end-to-end encryption.

CRM solutions can limit user access on a ‘tiered’ basis depending on the role of a user. Insurance businesses can facilitate communication and accessibility with a safe environment. Moreover, these systems centralized all business data. It helps eliminate data silos. These systems automate a number of business operations. They can optimize and streamline processes with little direct human intervention. It facilitates speed detection and remediation in case any threats get discovered.


Single Sign-On

Imagine how productive it would be if the agents did not have to memorize multiple login credentials and can log in to the CRM with just a single click? Automated two-way syncronization enables agents to log in without having to enter the password.

The best CRM software for insurance agents offer single sign-on capabilities. Now, agents do not have to struggle when using different business applications. A single sign in will enable them to access the data they need and they can focus on urgent matters without losing any time.


Context-Based Interactions

Insurance agents deal with a number of new and returning customers every day. When handling such high volumes of customers, they may struggle to remember their details while interacting with them. CRM software for insurance agents can be used for accessing the details of customer interactions. It will allow agents to understand the customer journey better. Armed with this information, they can visualize the customer relationships in a better manner.

Now, agents do not have to ask repetitive questions from returning or existing clients. They can view all the information before placing the call.


Final Words

For insurance businesses, especially small and medium-sized agencies, it is crucial to have a clear path to sales and profit. Deploying the best CRM software for insurance agents can help agencies achieve that. It keeps all the agents on a single page, and allows them to focus on crucial business activities. Armed with CRM, agents can deliver to the business expectations.

Surya Choudhary
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