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Scholarship For International Students

Kenneth P. Wood
Scholarship For International Students

Are you planning to study abroad? But the thinking of tuition fees, accommodation, and living costs discouraged you from applying?

But do you know many schools and universities provide many scholarships for international students?

Scholarships and grants are great sources to reduce the expenses of studying abroad.

As an international student, you may think that getting a scholarship for you is a tough job. But high-performing students are valued by the government and universities worldwide.

Many international universities offer scholarships to the talented and brightest minds to give them financial support.

1. Definition of Scholarship

The scholarship is financial support provided by the scholarship sponsor.

It is a source of encouragement to the students for their outstanding results and achievement.

But to get the scholarship, you have to meet all the requirements given by them.

There are two kinds of scholarships for international students available. They are-

  • Full scholarship- This scholarship provides all of your tuition and textbook fees. Besides, they might also give the stipend as your living expense.
  • Partial scholarship- It is a smaller amount reduced from your tuition fees. You will get the scholarship according to the admission requirement of the scholarship sponsor.

2. Scholarship vs. grants vs student loans

Scholarships and grants are kind of similar. Both are gift aid that reduces a fixed amount of money from the tuition fees.

But scholarship is a reward that a student can earn based on the performance of their academic, athletic, and artistic ability.

On the other hand, grants are for young people who cannot afford their studies. It is for the needy.

Moreover, student loans are a kind of financial aid that needs to be paid back with some interest.

Any international student can take student loans. But they have to pay it back with interest. The interest rate usually varies from country to country.

3. Eligibility of applying for a scholarship

Almost everyone can apply for a scholarship if they meet the requirements. But the type of scholarship varies on the eligibility of a student. But before applying for a scholarship, always check if the eligibility of applying for a scholarship matches you. Moreover, do check if the application deadline is up to date.

Check if the scholarship is only available for national or international students. Sometimes it is available for both.

Here are some general application requirements of a scholarship for international students.

  • An application form
  • Letter of motivation to justify why you deserve the scholarship
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Proof of your poor financial status or low income
  • Evidence of your extraordinary academic result or skill
4. Application procedure of a scholarship for international student

Once you have found a scholarship from a university that matches your eligibility, start preparing your documents.

The application procedure of a scholarship for the international student begins by following some process. Such as-

  • Fill up the application form to register for the scholarship.
  • Check if you have received the confirmation email.
  • Write an original and uniquely personal statement or letter of motivation.
  • Make a translated document of your academic, athletic, and artistic achievements.
  • Prepare evidence of your poor financial status.
  • Proofread all the documents and send them to the scholarship provider.
  • Submit the letter of acceptance from the university that proves your admission to it.
  • Lastly, wait for the result if they allow you for the scholarship, Congratulations! And if not, try to get it in other universities.

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