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Biggest Reasons Why Forex Traders Lose Money

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Biggest Reasons Why Forex Traders Lose Money

If you are one of those who have lost money with forex trading, there’s a high likelihood you have made one of the mistakes we mention below. A trader with the ambition to succeed in forex trading requires a comprehensive strategy covering various levels. To get started at all in the Forex field, you need to have knowledge that’s up to scratch. Furthermore, you should be able to analyze market movements. Do not become a statistic yourself! Differentiate between the textbook world and the real world! Know the biggest reasons why Forex traders lose money.

Addiction - you should know when to stop

One of the prime reasons traders lose investments has to be overtrading. The trader that trades too much, and too often, is asking for it. This delusion of grandeur is caused by fantastical profit targets, insufficient funds, or only addiction to trading. 

Forex trading need not be a consuming obsession. This is caused by the rampant price-chasing among traders. Granted, there are short periods marked by high volatility. However, traders should not get carried away by the tides of forex trading trends. Conversely, such addiction could imply great stress if the wind is moving against us. 

Traders are cautioned that a crystal clear strategy is called for so that such scenarios are avoided. Opening and closing positions without a thought. A coherent plan is the opposite of prudence. The trader cannot, even at the best of times, ‘read’ the market. 

It pays to be patient in forex trading. To arrive faster into the profit zone, patience must be a studied habit with all profitable traders. Some days, it is better to keep calm and entirely keep hands off of the market. 

Teeny-weeny account

As a trader foraying into forex trading, you are well aware it needs a heavy purse to catalyze the generation of considerable returns. Also, in case your account is small, you must know how to use leverage products. Even with small accounts, a trader can generate good profits by counting on underlying asset price action. 

You will have to determine if you can start with a relatively high investment or use a pretentious initial capital with a lever. You have to be aware that quality risk management is vital for leverage products. You must ensure the founding of a reasonably broad investment base. 

Confused about the initial capital 

When you dip your feet into the waters of forex trading, you will know that every broker presents you with the opportunity of a minimum size 0.01 lot. If we recapitulate – 1,000 units make up one micro-lot of corresponding currency. 

It is not only thanks to a small position risk that you can minimize the risk. A stop loss is always a viable option. The beginner should never make use of more than 2% of the per-trade trading capital. The danger of loss-making escalates whenever a higher sum is employed.

You can reasonably accurately ensure there’s enough capital left in your trading account by merely balancing the leverage with a low volume. Provide that you comply with the 2% tenet, a 250 euro investment necessitates the deployment of a EURUSD micro-lot with a 1:400 lever.

Low on adaptability

As a forex trader, you are not incorrect in preening your forex feathers from time to time. If you are prone to indulging yourself in such a fashion from time to time (with an audience or without), you are not wrong in that some self-approbation is entirely an entitlement. But if you are mature enough as a trader, you will understand that the market does not always play according to investor tunes. While you are right to pride yourself on great trade execution in the past, you must heed the caveat that what held right in the past could well turn impotent in the future. 

With such level heads as these, you can foray into the field with correct daily FX news analyses. You thus become a treasure trove of fun facts as regards average volatility.

Volatility is the great catalyst that makes or mars our day as forex traders. It so happens that trading strategies fail to deliver if they do not evolve with changing volatility. You should, therefore, do well by ensuring volatility strategy correspondence. It is even better to adopt computer-generated signals or automated trading systems into your strategy!

You have granted that fundamental analysis that reminds me of those dry-as-dust university lectures. But you should feel redeemed by the daily use of these factors in your analyses. That’s because the fundamental analysis is pertinent to daily FX happenings. And if you can use this to better your trade – more power to you!

No stop-loss orders

This is the single most devastating mistake traders can make. 

All your education and training is behind your pre-selection of the point at which you'd cut trade and exit even as the market turns against you. 

Stop-loss orders guarantee you'll be still in the game to win another day. Trading forex without stop-loss orders means you will be clearing out your desk, saying a tearful goodbye to your career in forex trading. 

The laws of probabilities rule the forex market, and you cannot ever be cocksure about forex trading. It is madness to hold on to losing trades. That's why stop-loss orders are life-savers. 


Shorten that learning curve; don't learn anything the hardest way. Draw up a true evaluation of yourself, and your capabilities, then formulate trading plans. Choose trading strategies that work best for you - keeping your aims insight. Don't be tempted into inviting disaster -rather, take pride in your level, cool head. Do not ape others - follow your own path. Even with targets that suit your own personality, you will find forex trading a very satisfying career. 

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rohit ch
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