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The pandemic has badly affected the careers of medical professionals. As most of the patients are ignoring medical needs due to the fear of COVID-19. Thus, the earnings of doctors are reducing. 

Surprisingly it was predicted by Dr Tony Bartone that patients can ignore their medical needs due to this fatal disease. And now we can see that patient bookings are reduced by 30%. Which is not a small number. 

 So, if you are looking to increase practice then you will have to find ways to increase bookings. Fortunately, you don’t have to take stress to find such ways. As we have compiled them here for you. 

In this blog, we have discussed ten methods that can help you grow your medical practice. All you have to do is implement them and you will see an increase in your patients. You are looking for more Patients, you can make your online doctor appointment through our app.

Keep good contact with your patients through CRM 

Getting new patients is great, but if you don’t keep your current ones, your practice will never expand. Using email correspondence, newsletters, social media, and recalls to nurture connections with existing patients will help retain people booking with your office and persuade old patients to start booking again.

Keep good contact with your patients through CRM

But if you are going to use an assistant to interact with your patients, he may miss many of them. So, you should use a proper tool for communicating with your patients. You need good customer relationship management to fulfil this requirement. And MIYN is the perfect solution for this problem because it also books doctor appointments online. Which gives a two in one solution at a reasonable fee. 

After implementing software you can interact with all of your patients without any hassle. You will be able to send one email to all of them or send a private email through CRM software.


Patients are typically vulnerable, and they must be treated with dignity and respect. If you want your practice to succeed, make sure your front desk personnel exhibit the same degree of professionalism and courtesy that you do in consultations. They are the public face of your company.

How will MIYN improve doctor appointments online?

You may be thinking, what is MIYN? Long story short, MIYN is an all in one tool that can grow your medical practice. 


You can depend on MIYN for almost everything. Once you start using it you will not have to go anywhere else. That’s guaranteed! 

MIYN has the following major features:

  • Lead generation 
  • Appointment booking 
  • CRM 

Thus, it will help you find more patients. And it will help them to make the final call by booking doctor appointments online. Last but not the least, it will retain them through customer relationship management. 


Are you assuming that it is expensive? Not at all, man. If you compare it with other doctors appointment apps, you will learn that it is the cheapest. It also offers more features. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy all of its features for one whole month without paying a single penny. Once you are satisfied with the trial then you can go for the paid version. 

The monthly fee of its two paid plans is:

  • Basic $19
  • Advanced $29 

Why MIYN is the best solution for lead generation?

MIYN has all the business development tools. So, if you invest in it you will not have to go anywhere else. After using MIYN there will be no longer a need for a separate CRM or chatting app.  

Moreover, the landing page of your website should indeed be engaging and attractive. And MIYN is aware of that. If you are struggling to build an eye-catching landing page then you simply use the one provided by MIYN. Because it also provides landing pages that have beautiful design and engaging content. 

The best part is, you don’t have to pay extra to use landing pages. 

Here is the list of all features offered by MIYN 

  • Booking 
  • Website popups 
  • Instant messages 
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Click to call function 
  • Document sharing 
  • Real-time chat 
  • Client portal 
  • Automated reminders 
  • Detailed analytics 
  • Subscription management 
  • Active Support  

As you can see MIYN has all the necessary ingredients that can grow your business. 

Now it is clear that MIYN is the best option for you. Just go and start growing your business. 

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