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Is it Necessary for me to engage a Real Estate Lawyer to Buy a House?

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Is it Necessary for me to engage a Real Estate Lawyer to Buy a House?

"Can you tell me why I need a lawyer?" Many a do-it-yourself homebuyer has enquired. "Are real estate agents incapable of seeing me through?" They can in most states, at least. That doesn't always imply that they should. Although engaging a lawyer is expensive, it is often money well spent. Continue reading to see how a real estate lawyer may assist you in closing the purchase and avoiding the pitfalls.


The majority of people are capable of bargaining with another person face to face. However, the contents of the agreement must be properly documented in a contract to be legally binding. Attorneys can represent you in negotiations and guarantee that the contract complies with all state laws. They can also address any particular problems that may prevent the property from being used in the future.

A real estate contract must be evaluated for three days by both the buyer and the seller in many areas before it becomes legally binding. Some buyers and sellers are completely unaware of this. A lawyer will inform the client, analyze the contract for legal flaws, make necessary adjustments, and incorporate relevant contingencies.

Title Lookups

Another crucial service that attorneys do is a title search. Its purpose is to ensure that the property is free and clear of liens and judgments. A title search is required to discover whether the seller has the legal right to sell the property. Anyone can conduct a title search, but an attorney will be able to do it more quickly and effectively. If they don't conduct it themselves, they'll frequently engage with title search businesses that specialize in this service.

If anything disturbing is discovered during the search, your real estate lawyer West Palm Beach can advise you on how to proceed. Assume a title search reveals that the sellers must resolve a lien or a court judgment before selling their home. A lawyer may be able to negotiate a price reduction on the property to compensate you for the delay. To satisfy claims, the lawyer may present the seller with recommendations or sources of funds.

Transfers of Real Estate

When one or more parties are corporations, trusts, or partnerships, contract drafting and subsequent discussions are more challenging. An attorney is knowledgeable about the many types of business agreements and their legal ramifications under the laws of your state. The attorney will ensure that the contract conforms with the law and the partnership, trust, or company's charter provisions.


Deeds to real estate are often needed to get filed at both the county as well as state levels. This will be done promptly and efficiently by an attorney. In some circumstances, the property is situated in an area where particular forms of the building are banned. If this occurs, an attorney will be able to guide you through the complexity of state requirements so that the transaction may be completed.

Securing an attorney is particularly more important if the purchase involves commercial property. The attorney will be able to navigate government red tape to create your company or sole proprietorship as a legal entity for state tax reasons. An attorney can also help you obtain a business license from the local government.

Failure to submit the required documentation at the state or county level can have serious repercussions, such as:

1. If a deed is not transferred lawfully, purchasers and sellers may be subject to income or inheritance taxes.

2. If wetlands building permits are not obtained, some structures may be required to be replaced, or owners may be fined.

Sellers, too, require the services of an attorney.

Having an attorney safeguard your rights while selling a house isn't required in most states. If you don't have one, the other party is more likely to sue you for neglecting to disclose critical information. This is because an attorney must examine the house inspection and submit important property information to the other party.

Assume the opposing party is a company or a partnership, and the transaction is performed incorrectly. They may then file a lawsuit against you for failing to clear the title to the property, failing to disclose specific faults, breaking a corporation charter, or something else. While hiring a real estate attorney West Palm Beach may not completely protect you from such litigation, it will significantly lower your risk.

Managing Discrimination

If you are discriminated against throughout the house purchase process, lawyers can surely assist you. Though a lot of real estate lawyers do not specialize in that field, there are possibilities that they know someone who does. However, don't be fooled into believing that responding to prejudice requires a large sum of money or a high-priced legal team. Laws exist to protect everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Is it necessary for me to hire an attorney to purchase a home?

It's not as simple as handing over your credit card and walking away with your new home. Home purchases (and sales, for that matter) are complex legal transactions governed by state and municipal laws. An experienced real estate attorney can guide you through the whole process of closing on your home. You could complete all of the intricate paperwork yourself, but it would take a long time and may cost you the sale if you didn't submit all of the necessary permits and financial documents correctly.

What is the Role of a Real Estate Lawyer?

When you employ a real estate lawyer, their responsibility is to ensure that the legal transfer of the property from the seller to the homebuyer goes smoothly. Depending on the contract, their responsibilities may vary, but they must follow all state (and occasionally municipal) regulations. They usually draught and review documentation, supervise the transfer of monies and keep them in an escrow account, and are ready to answer inquiries. During what may be an emotional procedure, a real estate lawyer typically negotiates with the seller's or buyer's lawyer instead of the seller and buyer communicating directly with one another.

Is It Expensive to engage an Estate Lawyer?

The cost of a real estate attorney is determined by the task and the attorney. Some lawyers charge an hourly cost, which can range from $150 to $350 or more depending on where you reside and the attorney. Some attorneys may simply bill you for each service they give, such as a house closing or a title search double-check.

Final Comments

Because of the intricacies that come with real estate transactions, having legal advice makes excellent financial sense. Real estate lawyers with experience can aid you to save your interests. They make sure that your transaction follows all of your state's and municipality's requirements. As a result, the closing process can be completed to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

The Law Offices of Stabler & Baldwin
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