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Habits, habits, habits…. They either make you or break you. It's also applicable to bloggers and writers.

I have seen a lot of promising writers who put off writing their best ideas until someone else has beaten them to it.

Then, there are some who let distractions destroy their passion.

There are other counterproductive habits that need to be discussed.

This article will help you to get back on the writing track by identifying which bad habit is causing you serious problems.

Bad habits in writing publishing and association of your content can interfere with the overall quality and long-term possibility of your campaign and of course your size and quality of the audience.

So breaking these habits is possible, if you are determined enough. If you catch yourself in these five terrible content habits, it’s time to reevaluate your entire content strategy and try to move past them.

Bad habit no. 1:-Irregular posting frequency 

There are a lot many repercussions of not posting regularly such as they will annoy your visitors who have developed a liking for your content. To attain a steady stream of loyal audiences over time be sure to post on regular basis. The regularity of content depends on you, you could update your blog daily or two or three times a week. No matter what schedule you choose just stick to it. Regular posting has some benefits too such as your content freshness can result in search ranking. The more you post fresh relevant content, the more the search engines will give you a favorable ranking. The value of content in digital marketing cannot be underestimated.

Bad habit no. 2:- Ignoring visitors.

Nothing is more beautiful for bloggers than seeing readers visit their blogs on a regular basis. If you’ve developed regular followers for your blog, let them know about it and share that you’re thankful and also acknowledge them. Make it a habit of appreciating your audience by posting tweets or by Instagram posts and stories. If people are commenting on your posts or tweets., connect with them. every person wants a personalized experience. It is important to maintain a two-way relationship between you and your audience as it will benefit both you and your audience.

Bad habit no. 3:- Paying too much attention to statistics.

Paying attention to statistics is a good way to learn how well are you doing and where are you lagging behind and how to improve your content. It gives you an idea about the visitors like where they are coming from and which keyword they searched and found your page.

however< you should not obsess over the numbers, it's counter-productive, analyzing your stats takes precious time that you may have used to improve your content.

If you create great content and are consistent then numbers will rise up automatically.

Bad habit no. 4:- Obsessing over social media statistics. 

Surely, it’s a great way to connect with your followers over social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc but it’s also a great idea to market your blog on other social media channels to gain some exposure for your blog. Don’t your content creation time for your social networking time. You need to give a specific and fixed part of your time to researching and writing your content.

Focus on creating quality content for your audience, if your content is worthy enough then it will go viral and loyal readers will come to your blog.

To manage this, set a time for blogging and separate time for social media interactions.

Bad habit no. 5:- Writing very stiff content for your blog.

Writing content is an art that is mastered with time. Blogging is not like writing your exam paper it's a way lot different.

The style of writing a blog post is not the style of writing the exam paper.

Many people who see your content aren’t gonna read all the content you have written down.

If you want to compel them then you have to write in a style that is way too effortless to read and understand.

Make a habit of being conversational in your blogs, in-fact the more understandable your handwriting will be, the more readers will read your content.

They like to think that they are dealing with real people, not some robots.

Gryffindor academy
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