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3 Most Common Reasons Why Your Electronic Cigarette Taste Burned

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3 Most Common Reasons Why Your Electronic Cigarette Taste Burned

Vaping has been gradually becoming more common in Pakistan. It is easy to get different types of vaping devices and vape accessories online in Pakistan. Whether you want to buy electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, or any accessories, you can easily buy them. 

Most users start vaping to quit traditional smoking, whereas others vape for pleasure. Whatever reason you have, knowing everything about vaping is essential to make your vaping experience excellent. One of the common issues vapers usually face is the burned taste. And the main reason behind this is the coil of your device. When the coil ends up heating up the e-liquid, it causes that unpleasant burnt taste. 

For this very reason, this blog will explore reasons why coils end up burning the e-liquid and the solutions to make your vaping experience excellent.

Reasons For The Unpleasant Taste Of Your Electronic Cigarette

Before buying e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and/or vape accessories online, it is essential to be aware of why the e-cigarette gives you a burned taste. Here are some more common reasons why your e-cigarette taste burnt, along with the solutions to make your vaping experience excellent.

Not Vaping Properly 

Sometimes, it happens that the vapor tries to take very soft puffs out of fear, which should not be done. With each puff, the liquid is forced into the resistor by draining or pressure. So, running low on e-liquid is a problem, leading to the burnt taste. It can occur if the wick inside your atomizer coil has not enough e-liquid. The wick is an integral component of your device, soaking up the e-liquid, which becomes the vapor when the coil heats up. If the puff is not given with adequate intensity, you will feel the burned taste. Always take strong puffs!

The Power You Should Set to Vape

It is also possible that you will try to vape at a higher power than the resistance of the liquid you have chosen. It is a very common question, “at what power should I vape?” Its answer is that the power depends on the resistance and the density of the liquid used. It is good to gradually increase the power to the point where it allows vaping without burning or where you feel comfortable with the puffs.

Not Choosing A Suitable E-Liquid

You may find e-liquids that do not work well at all with certain low power models. It is the case of e-liquids that have more vegetable glycerin (VG) than propylene glycol (PG). The VG produces more vapor than PG, but it is also denser, which makes it difficult to get into the coil cotton. If you often get a burnt taste, the liquid may be too thick. Too dense liquids, even if they don’t taste burnt, also tend to reduce the resistors’ life.

Tips For Increasing The Life Cycle Of Your Coil Resistor  

  • Dirt is something that prevents the resistance from working. That is why it is important to unscrew and clean all the parts of your e-cigarette well when it has been in use for a while. Dirt is sometimes confused with darkened liquid, especially sweet ones. They tend to darken with heat, but this does not mean that it is dirty.

  • You should remember and make it a habit to turn off the device when you stop using it and put it away in bags or pockets. However, disposable devices automatically turn off when not in use. There are many reasons why the resistance ends up wearing out. The most common one is to inadvertently light the e-cigarette when it is not being used, burning the cotton due to overheating. You will then bear the cost of new cotton and coil.

  • The way you vape is something that can also mess up the resistance. You should avoid taking puffs very frequently. Instead, you should give the resistance a break before moving on to the next puff.

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you make the vaping experience great, as it shares some common reasons behind the burned taste. The given solutions will help you maintain all accessories of your vaping device. If you are currently facing some problems with your vape, whether you need to buy a high-quality liquid or to buy vape replacement coils in Pakistan, Pak Vapes is always within your reach. We are the vaping experts providing all vaping accessories, devices and e-liquids at the price everyone can afford!

Pak Vapes
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