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How To Pack Your Musical Instruments For Self Storage

Julie Lord
How To Pack Your Musical Instruments For Self Storage

Putting your musical instruments into storage for a while? This article will help you to do so, keeping them protected and in great condition until the time comes to play them again.


Playing a musical instrument is something that takes a lot of energy and skill. The instrument is likely to have cost a little bit of money too, especially if you have the best type or a vintage version of the instrument you play. For those reasons and more, caring for a musical instrument is incredibly important. This is easily done when you play regularly, but what about when you’re putting the instrument away for a while? Self storage is an excellent way to store expensive, treasured instruments long-term, but only if you prepare them for that storage. Stored incorrectly they can degrade and may well not be in great shape when it comes to getting them out again.

To help you prepare your instruments for self storage, here are our top tips:

Clean The Instrument Thoroughly

Using the right tools for the instrument, and the right cleaning fluids or waxes etc, you should clean your instrument thoroughly before it goes into temporary storage. This will help remove excess product or debris that could damage the instrument over time.

Store The Instrument In Its Case

You can store instruments in anything you like, but they are not going to be as protected as they would be in their original case or cover. The only exception is something without a case, like a piano, which needs very special packing.

Opt For Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage provides a neutral temperature for your instruments to be stored in which stops any temperature extremes damaging your instruments. Instruments are very sensitive to temperature changes so if you can afford to invest more in storage that is climate-controlled it is a good idea.

Break Down The Instrument If You Can

For instruments like woodwinds or brass you can break them down so that each of the pieces can be individually packed and protected. This also allows you to vacuum the instrument parts for mite protection before packing. If you don’t know how to fully break your instrument down, speak to a music shop who will be able to help you do this without damaging the instrument.

Add Padding Where Relevant

With stringed instruments padding the bridge can be a good idea because it can become loose when the strings are loosened for storage. There may be other instruments that can benefit from extra padding too, just be sure to use padding that is safe to use with the instrument.

With Our Tips Above Your Instrument Will Be In Great Shape When You Get It Out Of Storage

It might take some time getting the best storage, and getting your instrument ready to store, but it is worth it to protect your instrument from damage and keep it in great shape until a time that you can play it again.

Julie Lord
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