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Innovative Storage Hacks for your Home and businesses

Innovative Storage Hacks for your Home and businesses

It can be difficult to find the time and space for everything we need in our lives. But with a little organisation, you'll never again have an excuse not to use your storage solutions. The key is finding what works best and is more suited for solving different problems.

You may find yourself constantly outgrowing containers, storage units etc. Sticking to one storage solution that can be used in multiple ways is a great way to reduce storage boxes that take up unnecessary space. When thinking of a storage unit, thinking outside the box always helps.

Install Shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls – This is a creative way of decluttering your room. Instead of leaving your books on the floor in the way, adding them on a strong shelf along the perimeter of your walls creates more space in your room.

Storage beds – Storage beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms because they allow you to get more storage out of your room. While every type of space-saving bed will open some floor area, not all have the same capabilities. Storage beds give users access to additional storage in ways that feel natural and easy, especially if there isn’t much extra headroom available.

Storage chest drawers offer an excellent alternative solution since their depth makes them ideal candidates for holding anything from clothing pieces to bedding.

Mount Magazine racks to the wall - Instead of letting these stacks smother your desk or dresser, turn the classic ‘IKEA KNUFF’ magazine files and a wooden board into a storage rack. Mount them onto the walls to never have any more clutter on your hands.

Hang pegs on the back of closet doors – Doing this reduces shoe clutter, either on your porch or the front entrance of the door. This makes it easier to get your shoes, rather than being in the way, all the time. As mentioned before, hanging pegs reduces shoe and coat clutter and makes your home look cleaner and neater.

Store your keys and cables in Legos - This clever LEGO storage hack allows you to store your phone charger and key ring right where they’re needed, in plain sight. With just a little ‘Sugru’ mouldable adhesive glue that moulds into shape, when heated with an iron. These three pieces can be made into two handy holders for different items.

Organise Makeup Storage - With the ever-growing number of make-up products on offer, it’s no wonder that many people are choosing to organize their storage space in ways which allow them easy access and quick organisation.

One great option for this type of product is a plastic box or container with two open ends. This declutters your room and you’ll know where all your makeup is rather than spending money on new ones that you thought were lost.

Commercial Sector

Bespoke LockersBespoke Lockers are made specifically designed to suit your needs. Bespoke lockers are ideal for the commercial sector as you can create a specific number of lockers to specific dimensions to ensure all workers have enough space for their valuables etc.

Smaller bespoke lockers, when connected are known as a Nest, while taller lockers are stand-alone. Bespoke lockers usually have more space inside and are user friendly, as they are designed to suit your needs.

Bespoke Gym Lockers – Physical well-being is just as important as mental well-being. Whether you go to the gym before or after work, school, etc, having a locker is essential to keeping your personal belongings safe. Bespoke gym lockers are perfect as they are made to make sure your belongings are safe and secure while you are gone. These lockers must be suitable for a warmer and different environment, usually having to battle condensation and moisture from onsite showers.

Many gyms offer locks, although you may have to pay a hefty sum so bringing your own lock is still effective.

Whether you own the gym or attend the gym, you can add personal touches to your locker. Gym locker room designs are increasing in popularity with more and more people searching for different ways they make their gym locker rooms look cool, whether it is from the interior or exterior.

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