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How does industrial solar installation help businesses?

Shams Power
How does industrial solar installation help businesses?

Pakistan has a lot of potential in terms of renewable energy resources. Solar Energy Systems are the most convenient and accessible renewable energy sources, requiring far fewer demanding conditions. The daily average Solar Radiation Intensity (SRI) in Pakistan varies from 1500W/m2 to 2750W/m2 throughout the year, meaning that 45MW to 83MW of power may be generated monthly in a 100m2 area.


Clean and ecologically friendly energy generation benefits the environment on a larger scale. Shams Power has developed state-of-the-art industrial solar installations around Pakistan with varying power capacities.


The conversion of solar energy into useable electricity is known as solar power. Photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into electricity, are the most popular foundation for solar power. One of the most significant advantages of solar panels is the reduction of pollution.


Solar energy has undeniable environmental advantages. Reducing reliance on damaging fossil fuels relieves pressure on limited resources while also protecting the health of the global ecology. However, some factors to consider while integrating solar into your website. Take the time to understand the benefits and drawbacks it may have for your business. If you're considering switching to solar energy, be sure you know the entire extent of your investment.


Solar energy can save you money on electricity.


Factory and industrial facilities, in general, demand a lot of energy. With solar electric power, you can balance these costs. This will assist you in increasing your profits and remaining competitive.

Purchasing solar and generating your electricity, like buying a house vs. renting one, eliminates month-to-month money waste.


How Industrial Solar Panels Help Companies


Over the last century, the industrial revolution has undergone a swift and dramatic transformation. This has resulted in economic growth and boosted worldwide imports and exports. Industrialization is significant in Pakistan because it has the potential to enhance national revenue, generate employment, and strengthen ties with foreign nations through imports and exports. However, additional responsibilities accompany industrialization. The per-unit rates of power are rising in tandem with the rise in oil costs and energy consumption. As a result, many enterprises are switching to solar, allowing them to enhance stakeholder perceptions, reduce power expenses, and increase their return on investment.


Shams Power is Pakistan's largest provider of industrial solar installation services, including solar panels for industrial and commercial sectors and agricultural and residential solutions. One of the most efficient renewable energy processes is generating electricity from the sun, a steady and consistent source of energy. If you're unsure whether or not to install solar panels for your business, you've come to the perfect spot. Shams Power has outlined some of the primary advantages that adopting solar with us may provide for your business!


Independence of power


The main advantage of installing solar panels for your industrial business is becoming independent of commercial power sources. You will have a consistent and steady power supply. You also won't have to worry about rising commercial power rates because you'll create your electricity.

Another advantage of choosing solar with Shams Electricity for your business is that you won't have to worry about commercial power load-shedding. Because load shedding is common in Pakistan, installing solar panels and being self-sufficient from the national grid can save you money and protect you from price increases.


Lower your overhead costs


All firms strive to reduce their overhead costs as much as possible. Wages, operations, and materials are only a tiny part of a company's overhead expenditures. Office supplies, machinery and property upkeep, insurance, invoices, and more are all part of running a business. Electricity expenses are a significant overhead expenditure that may be reduced.

Installing solar panels for your business might help you save money on electricity by generating your own. Sure, it's a significant step that takes money. Still, if your industry begins to create its energy, you'll see substantial returns on your investment. You may even sell the surplus units back to the grid if your power output exceeds your needs.


Increase your production and industry


Your total operational costs will decrease after your overhead expenditures are minimized by installing solar panels for your firm. Furthermore, as the worldwide supply of fossil fuels declines, gas and petrol prices rise every day. Solar energy for your enterprise will protect you from increasing gas and fuel expenses. This will ultimately save you a lot of money, allowing you to grow your enterprise and increase productivity.

Many industrialized countries provide additional solar incentives to businesses that install solar panels. After Pakistan's economy has stabilized, the government is expected to encourage companies and people to install solar panels and become self-sufficient from the national electricity grid to conserve and maintain the environment.


Lower Your Tax Liability


Owning a business entails paying a significant portion of your earnings in taxes. Commercial and industrial power per unit rates differ from residential per unit rates. The higher your power bill, the more taxes you must pay. The Federal Reserve Board has issued a directive to withhold tax rates on commercial and industrial consumers. The tax owed on your power bills will be reduced if you cut or eliminate your electricity bill.


Complete Your CSR


Installing solar panels will give your company green credentials. Many customers urge or demand that businesses decrease their carbon footprint to the greatest extent possible. According to a study, installing a 5KW solar panel will avoid carbon emissions equivalent to growing 21,000 square feet of trees throughout its lifetime.


Shams Power Industrial Solar Energy Systems 


Shams Power Industrial Solar Energy Systems specializes in solar panel solutions for industrial and commercial applications and solar panel installation Services. We worked on one of the country's most significant solar energy projects.

To become independent of the national power grid, call +92) 0341 7426777, email us at [email protected], or message us via social media.

Shams Power
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