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Choosing the right color for your custom plush toys.

Choosing the right color for your custom plush toys.

There is a direct relation between colors and human emotions. Different colors elicit different emotions, which you must have noticed while presenting or receiving the same gift with different colors. It is vital when creating custom plush toys. You need to use different colors for gifts, giveaways, fundraisers, employee motivation, sports teams, etc. Color psychology dictates people are attracted to bright colors like red, yellow, orange, etc.; however, they also bring up different feelings, so they are not always suitable.

Impact of different colors: 

Colors impact decision-making, creativity, and our behavior towards objects and surroundings. People decide whether they like the item in milliseconds by looking at the colors. If you understand the color effect on people, you can leverage it to create promotional toys for making a deeper relationship with people.

● Red: It is a vibrant color, creating a sense of excitement and urgency. It encourages passion and appetite; therefore, these are ideal for creating mascots for sports teams and food businesses.

● Green: It is the color most associated with nature, tranquility, and vitality. Green encourages decisiveness, and therefore, you can use it to create custom plush toys for employees and environmental fundraisers.

● Purple: It symbolizes royalty, wisdom, and respect while eliciting creativity and problem-solving abilities. It helps create custom plush toys for health and beauty companies like gyms, yoga studios, etc.

● Blue is associated with tranquility, peace, and reliability and is the most popular color among men. So, if your target audience is men, you can use blue for plush toys. 

● Orange & yellow: These colors bring out deep emotions, so you need to use them with caution - especially with emotional people.

● Black: It stands for authority, confidence, and stability. But, it also creates an image of darkness, so please use it with caution on logo toys.

● Gray: The color stands for practicality and solidarity and brings out sad emotions. Creating the whole toy using grey is not a good idea.

● White: The color is associated with purity, cleanliness, and safety. You can use it to create a minimalistic brand image using custom toys.

3-tips for choosing the best color:

● You need to think about your target audience and the brand image you want to create. E.g., women like pink while men like yellow, so that you can make plush toys in two colors.

● It would help if you were consistent with the colors everywhere; you don’t want to use different colors for different promotional products.

● You need to avoid using too many colors at once; it can confuse receivers.

Whatever colors you choose, you need a reliable manufacturer. EverLighten has been producing custom plush toys for organizations, nonprofits, sports teams, celebrities, and individuals for over eighteen years in twenty-three countries.

Best pricing: They provide factory-direct pricing because they own a factory and are not intermediaries.

Quality in every product: They use top-quality materials and the latest processes to produce stuffed toys.

Real people, fantastic service: EverLighten loves helping; they give various sustainable options, and each customer gets help from design to delivery.

Designs to impress: With their in-house designers, the design in your head is brought to reality.

No minimum order requirement: You can order any number of plushies you need; they accept every order without a minimum limit.

Worldwide shipping: They provide worldwide shipping with order tracking.

Visit https://everlighten.com/collections/custom-plush-toys to design your custom plush toys today.

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