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Is It Safe To Remove The Skin Tag At Home?

Cynthia Ambroise

Skin tags are harmless growth. In fact, 50% of adults have tags on their skins. As it doesn't have any medical complications people hardly bother about its existence. However, people with a greater aesthetic mind and cosmetic purpose prefer to remove unwanted skin tags. Dermatologists and medical experts have acquired various methods for skin tag removal in Charlotte NC

In the initial stage when the growth is minimal, it can be simply removed using some home remedies. However, it takes time and if the process is not followed properly the growth can be alarming. In that case, doctors generally advise following the instructions properly. On the other hand, there are many non-surgical and painless methods to remove the skin tags on the spot. To know more details about the best skin tag removal process in Charlotte NC read this article. 

Skin Tag Removal Cream 

If you find a sudden growth of skin tag on your face or neck, removal cream is the perfect solution. However, if the growth sustains for a longer period, applying cream would not be the best solution. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin the basic ingredients present in the cream like teat tree oil, and salicylic acid can cause irritation. Hence, it is ideal to consult a dermatologist before using any product. Removal cream generally takes two to three weeks to completely wipe out the tags. 

Freezing Kits

After a long clinical study, healthcare professionals suggest using liquid nitrogen to destroy the tissue around the tags. This process is known as cryotherapy. In general, it requires a few takes, (at least three) to remove the tags. This process is very intricate and professionals use the kit very carefully without touching the surrounding skin. Doctors always advise not to use any regular over-the-counter products as they can damage your skin tissue permanently. 

Tea Tree Oil 

It is one of the safest and longest methods to remove skin tags. You can take a few drops of oil in a cotton ball and leave it for at least ten minutes with direct contact with the skin tag. If you follow the process three times a day it will take four to five weeks to fall off. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended not to use it around the eye area. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Recent reaches have found that apple cider vinegar is also a good alternative to remove skin tags. You can follow the same method as the tea tree oil and leave it for 10 minutes. Sometimes, the acidic chemical burns the skin tissue and causes irritation to the skin. 

Cynthia Ambroise
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