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5 Essential Elements of an Effective Landing Page || Exnoweb

Jackson Ortega
5 Essential Elements of an Effective Landing Page || Exnoweb

A great landing page is necessary for a good marketing campaign. A landing page is a page that visitors land on after clicking on an advertisement. It can be a YouTube ad, a search ad, a social media ad, or any other type of advertisement. 

So, in effect, the landing page for a business website is a page that is meant for converting potential clients to new customers. 

However, creating an effective landing page that would compel visitors to convert is not an easy task. The information, the design, and the CTA will always differ depending on your objectives. 

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Here are five essential elements that make up an effective landing page. 

Keep It Bright, Beautiful, and Bold

If you create landing pages that are not aesthetically friendly or fail to grab the attention of the visitors, you can’t expect conversion. Moreover, the average attention of human beings is about 8 seconds. So, to make your landing page interesting so that visitors do not leave your website as soon as they enter, you can follow some simple rules as mentioned below. This will ensure that the page grabs the attention of the visitors and they stay on your website and convert to customers.

Remember to keep things:

Bright: Keep things bright, so they grab the attention of the visitors. Use bright and highly saturated colors, especially when the background is more muted.

Beautiful: Use a limited number of images, but keep them aesthetically pleasing. That way, your landing page will retain visitors, and the chances of conversion will increase.

Bold: The landing page will be limited in space. So, to make sure that your CTA, text, and form grab attention, you can make them bold.

Keep the Page Simple

Always avoid clutter on your webpage. Keep the page and navigation simple so that the visitors do not find it difficult to access the information you need. Apart from that, you also need to keep the navigation very visible so that the attention of the customers automatically goes to the sidebar or top bar, wherever your navigation is. 

A simple page also means that you do not include any in-body links, do not make your images clickable, and do not use any menus and dropdowns. 

Collect the Right Information

Your landing page will be designed to collect the right information from your visitors. But remember to keep it simple. If you ask for too much information, chances are the visitors will bounce from your site. 

If you are targeting new customers, you’ll do well if you keep just one field. Simply collect their email address. Or, if you are retargeting audiences, you can ask for something else like their company size. 

Offer Something Valuable

If you are to collect customer information, you’ll have to offer something valuable. Give them something that they find enticing, and fill out your form willingly. You can offer ebooks, a free consultation, an event, or something else. Whatever you offer, just make sure it provides value to your customers, and they fill-up the form willingly. 

Use Videos 

Apart from content, you can add videos to your landing pages. People nowadays do not like to go through long content. They like it sweet and short. A small bit of information appears more likable than a heavy chunk. Thus, a video will always be more welcomed than a long text. 

Bottom Line

Landing pages are important for your business because they are the pages through which there will be conversion. To make sure your landing pages do help in conversion, you can add a few types of elements as mentioned above. 

Including these elements in your landing page can be extremely useful and help your business gather information about your customers. If you are looking for a reliable digital marketing agency in Baltimore, you can always connect with Exnovation Infolabs for the finest services.

Jackson Ortega
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