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How to Hire MEAN Stack Developers in 2022 - Simple Steps to Follow

How to Hire MEAN Stack Developers in 2022 - Simple Steps to Follow

The web development process has grown easier since the introduction of MEAN stack technology. The MEAN stack allows web developers to use JavaScript for front-end and back-end development, cutting the development costs and time. As a result, startups and even major industry players rapidly use MEAN Stack development companies to get its benefits.

Moreover, if you plan to hire MEAN stack developers for your business, knowing everything about the technology benefits the process. Thus making the hiring process more accessible and providing you with all the essentials to hire developers, here is some information about hiring a MEAN stack developer. 

MEAN stack and its components

MEAN stack is an open-source JavaScripts-based stack used for building websites and browser-based applications. All technologies stacked together are based on JavaScript language, including the database. Perfect for developing dynamic websites and applications, the MEAN stack offers systematic methods for prototyping web-based apps.

On expanding MEAN, you can find its components which are:

  • MongoDB
  • Express JS
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

Simple Steps to hire MEAN stack developers

Make a list of all requirements

Make a list of your project needs and success criteria before hiring MEAN stack developers. It's critical to focus your search on a talented developer with the necessary skills. You can, for example, use the MEAN stack to allow MVP development, manage the client and server sides of an application, and even accelerate project delivery.

Evaluate the quality of the candidate

When trying to hire MEAN stack engineers, make sure they possess the following characteristics:

  • Developers who work on the MEAN stack must know the subject and have prior experience.
  • Knowledge of a variety of technologies and the ability to steer a project in the right direction, comprehend client challenges, and operate under the company's vision
  • They are versatile and approachable in any situation.
  • They can switch between multiple projects to assist teams in diverse areas as per the requirements.
  • They're ideal for assisting a project team dealing with time constraints or attempting to resolve crucial problems.

Examine their project management abilities

When reviewing MEAN stack developer capabilities, ensure they have excellent project management abilities. It might happen that the business development teams don't understand the technological intricacies. But with experienced MEAN stack developers, managing technical teams and leading projects become smooth. They can differentiate between phases of a MEAN stack web development and provide accurate timelines.

Look for these essential skills to hire MEAN stack developers

Aside from what we've already discussed so far, they should be able to provide top-notch web development services by using MEAN stack developer skills, which include:

  • A deep understanding of CRUD, Gulp, npm, REST, Grunt, Socket.io, and Node.js.
  • Expertise in the Bootstrap grid system, SPAs, pipes, dependency injection, TypeScript, and testing for AngularJS.
  • Experience with NoSQL database that stands out in ingestion, data modelling, querying, replication, and sharding.

Furthermore, they should be aware of the JavaScript Fundamentals like HTML, CSS, DevOps, and GIT. 

Examine their knowledge of technological innovations

An expert in the MEAN stack must be up to date on all current and emerging technological innovations. These programmers must be mindful of consumer needs and expectations as technology evolves. They should be able to keep customers informed about the most recent trends and technological developments and integrate them into their ongoing projects.

Examine their soft skills

A MEAN stack developer works on a variety of applications. They must be conversant with and comprehend business requirements. They should be able to communicate project details and progress to stakeholders, negotiate limitations and provide technical assistance. A developer should have outstanding interpersonal and collaboration abilities.


Finally, it's time to hire MEAN stack developers that are highly skilled and understand all technical aspects of the development process to avoid business risks.

Although numerous types of developers are available, it can be difficult for organisations to find MEAN stack developers who understand their company demands and best fit their culture. Companies can use the successful hiring tactics discussed above to hire dedicated MEAN stack developers and purchase cost-effective solutions for their website, single-page application, or software systems.

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