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Modern Web Design Trends and how it can keep your business thriving

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Modern Web Design Trends and how it can keep your business thriving

Website design not just visualize services & product to online users but it’s a face of your business. Appealing attracts the user. Want to know how to make it impressive?

Many of us may think that a website is a mere tool to advertise your business. Hence, many business owners, freelancers, and bloggers settle for a basic website with loads of content and a few images. Mission accomplished, right?

Wrong answer! Visitors and potential customers browse through your website and form an impression of your company/services. 90% of website users switch to a competitor after a poor website user experience. 57% of customers admit that they won’t recommend a website that is not mobile-friendly.

How does effective web design impact your audience and your business? After reading the above statistics and going through some effective website redesign tips, most people would not ask this question. A website visitor’s user experience largely depends on its navigation, loading speed, content, images, and the value it provides.

However, we know these stats are not enough to convince you about the importance of a website with a modern web design. This blog will shed light on how impressive web design can take your business to the next level.

Types of Web Design

No doubt when you approach web development companies, you get plenty of options, support, and suggestion regarding web design. They help you understand the type of website designs, especially what design will best fit your business. Still, we have mentioned the type of website design to choose from. When you know about these types, you can take a better decision.

  • Adaptive web design: With adaptive web design, designers fix the website’s content in a layout size that can adjust while viewing on various devices. In this way, designers will have full control over the finished website.
  • Responsive web design: In this web design concept, the website’s design amends itself to suit varying screen sizes. Hence, visitors can view the optimized website version, enjoying easy navigation & enhanced performance, regardless of the device they use.

Web designers can follow any of the above web design approaches. However, an adaptive web design loads faster than the responsive one because it only transfers the necessary elements, depending on the device. Adaptive web design follows a more customized approach.

What Web Design to Pick?

Most web designers pick from either the readymade template or the custom design. Startups and emerging businesses tend to use a readymade template because they are on a budget. Using a readymade template, web designers can experiment, pick a template they like and adjust the content, videos, and images around it.

On the other hand, a custom template is for established businesses and corporations. Firstly, the web designers understand the company’s needs. Next, the company creates content plus a robust strategy and the web design will revolve around it. Then, the company can also create a marketing strategy that’s in line with the website design and brand image.

Keep in mind that custom web design is great but it is also more expensive and time-consuming. So, it is a good choice to go as you find it suitable for your business requirement. Meanwhile, you can discuss this with your tech partner or when you hire dedicated web developers.

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