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How to convert a negative Google Review into a positive one?

Kajal Kumari
How to convert a negative Google Review into a positive one?

Fixing a bad Google review isn't tough provided you respond to the review as soon as you can. When you fail to do so, this negative review might get associated with your brand.

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Some of the best ways to convert negative reviews are listed below:

1. Address The Reviewer

Your customers want you to address them personally in the responding message. Since the review will be on Google, you can see the reviewer's name on the review.

While responding you should avoid common greetings such as "dear customer" or "dear sir" and should use words like "dear [first name]".

For instance, If a frustrated customer gives a bad review of your service or product then you should respond by starting your message with "Dear [customer name]" and then go on to solve his problem.

Through this approach, you can make your customer feel that you care about them.

2. Appreciate Your Customer

You must show your customers that your brand appreciates them for leaving feedback and giving honest reviews. You should always remember to thank your customers who leave reviews on your business.

Even if you think that the customer is angry, you must start by appreciating the customer.

For example; you can start the conversation like" Thank you [customer name] for your feedback, we're sorry to hear about your bad experience with us, but we appreciate you bringing this issue up"

In this way, you can express gratitude to the customers. 

3. Apologize

An apology will help you appease your customer. It will help show the customer that is not too proud to accept your fault even when the mistake is not from your side.

You can write an apology message in several ways. For example; you can write like this- "We are sorry that you had to go through these circumstances despite our aim to provide the best possible service to our customers."

An apology like this will look sincere as it is on point and will demonstrate that your brand cares about providing the best quality service to the customers.

4. Give an Explanation, If Necessary

In most cases, you can resolve a bad review through appreciation and apology messages. However, in some cases, there is a need to explain the process and clear the misunderstanding in the customer's mind.

The explanation you provide should be mainly on the customer's issue and on the services you offer.

For example; you can write an explanation message like "We understand that there has been a mistake from our side. Your order was to be delivered on time but there has been a delay in the dispatch process. 

Since our package tracking systems were on maintenance, we were unable to inform you about the delay. We have spoken to our delivery manager and your package will be delivered today by 18:00 hrs."

A simple explanation like this can help you build trust with the customers.

5. Solve The Issue

After you apologized to the customer and have provided a sufficient explanation, it's time to make it up to them. This will help you to convert the negative review of the customer into a positive one.

For customers having a bad experience could mean losing their time and money, and no one wants to lose either.

You should try to solve the problem of the customer in the best possible way. You can reach the customer in person or on a call that will help in resolving the customer's issue in a better way and can reach a resolution.

You should also be willing to go one step further on apology and explanation such as providing 20% credit on their next purchase or a priority service.

This will help you in fixing a bad review and could also encourage the customer to engage with your business again.


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Online reviews have the potential to influence what other people think about your brand or business. Your reputation is not only shaped by what you say about your service but it also depends on what your customers say about your brand.

So, you should start addressing your reviewers individually and appreciate the customers for giving out time to write an honest review about their bad experiences. Also, you should try to solve the issue earliest and provide them a reason to come back.

Kajal Kumari
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