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10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Sharjah, UAE

10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah the Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Sharjah is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, and it is located on the Arabian Peninsula. The city is known for its well-developed infrastructure, which includes roads, tunnels, bridges, ports and airports.


Sharjah is the home of many unique and interesting facts. Here are some fun and interesting facts

about Sharjah:

1) The first human inhabitants of Sharjah were the people of

Al Dhawalah tribe.They inhabited the area around Sharjah city during

pre-Islamic times, but they were driven out by an invasion of Arab conquerors

called Quraysh.

2) The name Sharjah is derived from the Arabic word ‘sharq’

which means “east” or “eastern region”. It was initially used by the British in

reference to their rule over the area during their occupation between 1868 and

1971, when they removed all traces of Arabic language or culture from this part

of UAE.

3) The largest man-made structure in Sharjah is never built:

it is a huge mound of sand known as The Great Sand Dune which extends for

approximately 70 km (43 mi) across the desert landscape to the east coast near


4) One of the most well-known landmarks in Sharjah is Al

Qasba (The Fort). Built in 1787 by Muhammad.

5) Sharjah is the only emirate in the UAE with a natural

beach on its coastline. The beach stretches for about 4 km and is known as Al

Burj Al Arab Beach. The beach has been a popular tourist destination since the

1950s when it was opened to tourism by Sheikh Rashid Bin Saqr Al Qasimi.

6) Sharjah is also home to many historical sites such as Al

Ain Fort (built in 1799) and Taimaniya Palace (built in 1800). These sites are

located at different parts of Sharjah city itself or near it.

7) The city of Sharjah has several shopping malls including

One City Center Mall, Jalila Mall, Gulf Center Mall and Al-Mashreq Mall among others. These malls attract tourists from all over the world due to their wide range of shops and services available at affordable prices. Book rent a car Sharjah for shopping trip.


Sharjah is a small city in the United Arab Emirates

Sharjah is a small city in the United Arab Emirates, located on the west coast of the Persian Gulf. The

city has a population of about 585,000 people and is known for its pearls and textiles.

The city has been inhabited since the 5th century AD, when it was known as “Heet” and was an

important trading hub between India and Africa. Its name means “a place where pearls are found” in Arabic.

Sharjah’s location on the west coast of the Persian Gulf makes it a perfect tourist destination for

people who want to enjoy water sports in the sun. The city has several beaches with white sand, crystal clear water and palm trees that line its streets. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, Sharjah also serves as an important economic hub in the Middle East region due to its strategic location between Asia and Africa. It is home to many industries such as oil refining and petrochemicals production facilities that supply goods throughout the world.


Sharjah is a beautiful tourist destination

Sharjah's airport has been named after him because he died during construction work on the airport itself. His body was buried at sea before his son Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan built a tomb for him on land where he was originally buried at sea.


Sharjah shopping malls 

Sharjah shopping malls are the best place to shop and enjoy the latest trends. Sharjah is known as the

shopping capital of the Middle East. The city has many malls, which will take you to a different world altogether. Sharjah Mall is one of

the most famous shopping spots in Sharjah and also in the whole UAE. The mall

has all kinds of fashion stores, restaurants and much more. There are many malls in

Sharjah where you can find some of your favorite brands at affordable prices and enjoy a fun time with your friends or family members.


Sharjah has some of the best beaches

Sharjah has some of the best beaches in the world. You can find a beach for every type of family and budget.

Al Manara Beach is a popular family beach with clear water, good waves and plenty of facilities. The

beach is located next to the Sharjah Aquarium, which is an attraction in itself. Lulu Beach is another

popular family beach with soft sand, a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops on site and lots of activities for kids and adults alike - including snorkeling trips and water skiing lessons. Al Reef Beach is the most popular beach in Sharjah because it has very calm waters, making it great

for families with young children who are scared of the waves or those who just want to relax on the sand without getting wet at all.


Sharjah Parks and Resorts

Sharjah Parks and Resorts is one of the most popular parks in Sharjah. The park offers a wide

range of activities for all ages, including sports such as football,

volleyball, basketball and tennis. The park also has an Olympic-size swimming

pool with a diving board, a children's play area with slides and swings, as well as many other amenities.

The park is located in Al Marmoom Town near Sharjah Airport, making it easy to access from anywhere in the city.


Corniche Beach Park

A great beach with beautiful sand dunes, this park is located on the west side of Sharjah near

Corniche Road and Abu Dhabi Street. There are also some restaurants nearby, so you can enjoy a meal while enjoying the beach.


Shindagha Park

This is one of the more interesting parks in Sharjah because it contains many historical objects such

as a fort and several mosques that date back to A.D., which makes it an ideal

place for people who want to learn about history or visit museums during their stay in Sharjah City!


Al Danat Park

It is one of the most popular parks in Sharjah. It has a variety of activities for kids and adults, including a beautiful lake and an exciting adventure park. Visitors can also enjoy some nice views at the top of the hill.


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