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When Is the Best Time to Have Your Trees Pruned?

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When Is the Best Time to Have Your Trees Pruned?

There are a number of different reasons why one would decide to prune their trees. One of the main ones is to get rid of any in the way, pesky branches in order to maintain a trees strong structure and beauty overall. Pruning is also a good way to help repair natural storm damage and encourage a bunch of new growth. Regardless of the reasons you have for pruning your tree(s), it is important to use the proper method in order to maintain the integrity of your trees.

When Should You Prune?

There is no right or wrong time of year to prune your trees, but the reason for pruning is the best way to determine when is best. If you just want to get rid of dead branches, light trimming can be completed at any time during the year. For other types of problems, the changing seasons may have quite the effect on this type of project. With cold weather seasons arriving in a few weeks, Five Star Tree Services has a few suggestions in regard to dormant season pruning that you may find helpful.

Fall Tree Pruning

The most common time to prune mature trees is during the dormant season. This is typically in the fall after the leaves have already fallen off and before new leaves sprout in the spring. It is also easier to shape your trees into a specific form when the shape of the branches is not obscured by leaves. When you trim your trees during the dormant fall season it will help them grow more vigorously in the spring.

Winter Tree Pruning

One reason to prune your trees in the winter is to keep any sort of disease from spreading. For example, Oak Wilt disease can easily kill a tree in the warmer seasons. But winter trimming will help prevent the disease inflicting beetle from being attracted to the overgrown tree. Avoid cutting during the coldest months as they can become dried out and end up weaker as a result.

Spring Tree Pruning

Some species respond very well to springtime pruning. These are commonly fruit-bearing trees that will grow more with careful trimming. Spring pruning is also a great way to ensure that a tree maintains an attractive shape as is grows.

Summer Tree Pruning

Summer trimming is most helpful when there are visible dead branches on the tree. Some species also respond better to summer pruning such as the Cedar tree.

Storm Pruning

Special pruning after a storm is not related with any season. If a tree suffers damage during a storm, it is critical to treat the damage as soon as possible. Preliminary treatment can prevent further damage to the tree and keep surrounding structures safe from harm. In some cases, a quick trim can save a damaged tree if caught early.

How We Can Help

Are you interested in having your trees pruned but are unsure which team to work with? Here at Five Star Tree Services, we provide you with only the best, most professional tree services in the GTA. To learn more about our Tree Pruning Services in Toronto, be sure to visit our website and contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you with your trees in any way that we possibly can.

Five Star Tree Services
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