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The Powerful Benefits Of Tulsi

Ojas Ayurveda
The Powerful Benefits Of Tulsi

Tulsi is also referred to as holy basil is native to the people of India and cultivated all over the country. Tulsi capsules are highly effective as a remedy to protect the body against various forms of infections. It is embedded with powerful antioxidants that is known to keep your blood pressure low ensuring it is one of the healthiest foods. Even it is good for diabetics and a suggestion is to include them as part of your diet plan. Due to the enormous benefits it possess it is also referred to as the queen of the herbs.

The herb has a place in ancient India and is part of numerous Hindu rituals. They are worshipped by them. Before purchasing tulsi from ojas Ayurveda, you need to be aware about the numerous benefits it possess.

·       Nutritional Value

Tulsi is a rich source of vitamin, A, B , and K with a host of minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. It is known to contain a good amount of protein and fibre. Be aware that the leaves of tulsi are dried or powdered may contain higher proportions of various nutrients.

·       A Source Of Immunity Boaster

Tulsi is rich in zinc and vitamin C. For this reason it serves as a natural immunity boaster and keep infections in control. It is known to possess anti- bacterial, anti- fungal and anti- microbial properties that protects human beings from numerous infections. Tulsi supplements enhances the T helper cells or natural cells activity enhancing the immune system.

·       Reduces Cold, Cough Along With Other Respiratory Disorders

The contents present in Tulsi helps to reduce the congestion and cold in the chest. You may mix tulsi leave with honey, and ginger whereby this remedy is effective for dealing with asthma, cold or cough.

·       Reduces Blood Pressure And Stress

Tulsi is embedded with compounds of ocimumosides A and B. What the compounds do is to reduce the levels of stress and the anti- inflammatory properties of Tulsi is known to reduce inflammation along with blood pressure.

·       Anti- Cancer Properties

The photochemicals that are present in Tulsi would be having anti- oxidant properties. It protects us from skin, oral, lung and skin cancer.

·       Good For The Condition Of Your Heart

The impact of Tulsi is immense, when it comes to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is known to reduce the blood lipid content, reduces hyper tension due to the superior antioxidant properties.

·       Ideal For Diabetes Patients

The extracts of Tulsi are known to reduce the blood sugar levels, in patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes

·       Useful In The Treatment Of Arthirits And Kidney Stones

Tulsi is known to detoxify the body and there are deuritic properties. It is known to reduce he level of uric acid in our body and this is the main reason why kidney stones are formed. A reduction in the levels of uric acid also provides relief to the patients who are suffering from gout.

Ojas Ayurveda
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