Best Guidance for Microsoft Planner Best Practices

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Microsoft planner is a software tool, which is used for project management and planning. Microsoft planner has feature that make easy to communicate due date and tasks to the project team members. These tools make the work of managers easier in a project. Now, you might have queries like how to apply Microsoft Planner Best Practices in your work. Well, this post will be your guide to help you to use Microsoft planner efficiently. Here are some features of Microsoft planners that you can use:

Microsoft Planner Best Practices• Creation of multiple buckets:

The main objective of any planner is to break down a project into buckets or tasks. In any project, a long list of tasks exists and in such situations planners are useful. In such situations, multiple buckets help to stay organized and are very helpful to visualize things. Microsoft planner provides you the facility or feature to create multiple buckets according to the various stages and other categories of a project.


• Assigned to and due date fields:

Microsoft planner provide features, which has field to fill the assigned to and due date of a work. It might not be possible to complete a task in the designated time but try to accomplish the task and fill the two fields. This feature of Microsoft planner best practices is helpful to monitor your own progress as well as the other team member’s progress.


• Multiple plans within a group:

Making a new plan is kind of an annoying task. Whenever you create a new plan, a new plan with new site, time, calendar and other assets is created. Many times, existing projects demand a plan within the existing project’s plan. Thus, Microsoft planner provides the facility to create a plan within the existing plan. For instance, you can also take help of a SharePoint consulting company to generate multiple plans within a group.


• Synchronization to outlook:

Microsoft planners have the feature that can sync the planner to Outlook. It changes the perspective by combining the calendar view to you project plan. You can even monitor other events that overlap with some of your scheduled work.

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Overall, the easy-to-use planner tool is an awesome way to communicate tasks to the project team members. If you want to ease your project work, then you must go with the SharePoint consulting company who can help you to organize your work in an effective way.

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