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This Is How You Choose The Right Fabric for a 3-Seater Wooden Sofa

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This Is How You Choose The Right Fabric for a 3-Seater Wooden Sofa

Planning a living room takes a lot of time, and answering questions like “where should the TV be?” or “do the curtains match the colors of the walls?”

And the same goes when deciding on a sofa, which is undoubtedly a significant piece of living room furniture. The most common ones are the 3-seater wooden sofas, but buying a sofa is not just about the right build material or size.

As the fabric matters greatly, here is how you can choose the right one.

Keep These Factors in Mind And You’d Have an Idea About Which Fabric To Choose

A sofa must be durable and comfortable because frankly, nobody buys a new one every year. But it has to look good and match the rest of your living room too.

The best fabrics for a 3 seater wooden sofa are leather, cotton, linen, velvet, and even wool and silk (depending upon usage).

But how does one know which to choose?


The fabric you choose for your sofa can determine its price largely. Now some pocket-friendly options would be cotton and linen. Others like velvet are expensive but certainly look more premium as well.

So based on your budget and preferred 3 seater wooden sofa priceyou can get the fabric that suits your requirements. But do take a look at the other factors.


Any fabric that you may choose for a 3 seater wooden sofa has a certain level of durability. While some are resistant to scratches, others are resistant to wear and tear.

This is a factor to consider if you have kids or pets in your home. Also, you’d want to get a more durable fabric if you generally use your sofa more often.


Every sofa is meant to serve some purpose. For example, it may be used every day, or only once in a while.

Fabrics like silk and linen are preferable in formal settings and when you don’t use your sofa much.

But don’t forget to get some 3 seater wooden sofa cushions irrespective of the choice of the fabric, if they don’t come with the sofa already.


No matter the material each of these demands maintenance, and some a lot more than others.

Some of these can be cleaned easily (like leather), while others need special care. And you should choose a fabric based on how available you are to maintain and clean them.

You Can Buy The Best With Just a Little Research

For those you want to use every day or only on weekends, Aakriti Art Store is where you get top-notch 3 seater wooden sofa designs.

Browse our online store and order directly.

Aakriti Art Creations
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