6 Tips to Create Engaging Emails for Your Company!

TYC Communication

Email marketing is the method by which customers can get information about any particular thing through an email. Due to the covid pandemic these days, everything shifted online, which attracted people the most. As everything is going virtually, email marketing has become famous as this is the easiest way of communicating with customers and people. People find it boring to read extended contexts; instead, photos and animation interest them. Also, email is a professional way of transferring information. These all reasons make email marketing famous. The digital marketing company in Delhi produces many attractive emails.

In this blog, we will learn about methods of writing engaging emails for the company to connect with customers.


Tips for writing engaging emails

  • User-generated content

It is the easiest method to uplift email marketing as it is entirely free and doesn't require effort. We can include poll results, pictures of customers, and their reviews and create engaging content. Videos and photos always interest people the most.

  • Clear subject lines

Putting on photos or videos to the mail is not a complete success. The text should be attractive, and it must contain an engaging subject line. First, you should write the mail and then consider an appealing subject line. The subject line should have 65 – 70 characters. It should be clear and engaging.

  • Photos, videos, and animations

Direct mails were in the past. Now, if you want to engage people in reading your emails, you need to include something extraordinary. This unique content includes photos, videos, and animations. It would help if you designed your mail in such a way that it looks interactive. These days visual content attracts people the most. The digital marketing company in Delhi produces many attractive emails. Adobe Photoshop or other features can be used for photo editing or animations.

  • Personalization

If we want to uplift the customers, then personalization of the emails is a must. You can include names in the subject lines but if more personalization needs to be done, then follow the below points: -

  1. Remind people that something is left in their cart
  2. Show goods according to gender and age
  3. Show similar products to those which customers have already ordered.


  • Dark mode

You can include the dark mode facility in the emails, as seen in other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Slack, etc.

Dark mode reduces brightness which doesn’t affect the eyes. Also, it creates a more personalized experience for the customers. It also improves content readability. The digital marketing agency in Delhi uses this facility.

  • Show appreciation

Appreciating customers is one of the best ways to gain their trust and loyalty. You can send thank you emails or greeting cards after they purchase something.



In this blog, we learned many ways to make our email attractive. The Viral marketing tries its best to make beautiful emails. TYC Communication is the most prominent example of engaging emails. So, try using the above tips to connect with the customers and make your company and products famous, as email is the best way to communicate easier and faster.

TYC Communication
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