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Rulers, Diplomacy, Politics – Do They Interest You? Then, Read These Political Current Events Books


Our world is divided by boundaries into different countries, cities, states and is governed by different people and powers and systems. These systems that govern different countries and cause upheavals and changes in the systems and lives of the ones they govern sometimes even of the ones they don’t.

Politics is that stream of our world which is a dangerous and an every changing field. Politics includes all the activities that are related to the governance of a country, area and the people that live there. There’s a constant debate and competition amongst the parties, ministers and other people who are part of politics and the systems that make the government.

In politics the most important factor becomes Power and foe gaining that power politicians, people, rulers have been known to have taken drastic sometimes, wrong steps to stay in power. It has been known how major political events involved one country or rulers attacking other country or ruler and even making them slaves, colonising or imperialising them. There have been many significant moments in the history of politics and many events have changed the face of the world as we knew it. Major political events and activities continue to take place and endanger lives or threaten to change the world most of the times for the worse.

Some political events books are:

1.      Hiding in Plain Sight, Sarah Kendzior


This eye opening, controversial and challenging book by Kendzior is an indictment of Trump and his rise to power against the deterioration of the country and how he revelled in it. A revealing and a well researched book, this book has been a favourite in political readers as it snatches the veil over the politics of America and reveals the hidden truths and power games or a dictatorship like rule which was very well hidden.


2.      Long Walk To Freedom by Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela who later became the President of South Africa didn’t have it easy as other political leaders. He had to go over spikes paths to get freedom for his country and countrymen. Though this book is an autobiography but the book is a very important text which inculcates in it the major events and problems of the world- racial oppression, oppression by governments, and how South Africa got freedom.


3.      A Promised Land, Barack Obama


A great and emotional, very personal account of history in the making by Barack Obama who after a long painful time, was one political leader who made people once again believe in democracy and good politics where leaders do actually work for the development of the people they govern and not just accumulation of power.


Many political and current event books are there waiting to be read to know about the politics that decide our lives.

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