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What should you consider while choosing the right main door hardware?

Dorset India
What should you consider while choosing the right main door hardware?

What is the prime element that keeps the miscreant from barging in? It is your main entrance door that gives the highest security to your home. It is the strongest pillar of your home’s security. Every element of the main entrance door should be chosen and installed properly so that the frame can deliver the top-level security feature. This is where you need to be very intuitive while choosing the right hardware for your entrance door. As per the mortise locks suppliers, here is what you need to ponder and do the needful.

Points to consider while choosing the right door hardware

1. Choose the right door frame material

The first step is to choose the right door frame material. It is essential for the sturdiness of the main entrance door. The material generally chosen is high-quality wood. The wooden door frames are ideal to install hardware, repair, or replace without any hassle. In fact, installing modern locks will also become easier when you have chosen the right door frame.

2. Hinges

Believe it or not, the hinges are the prime constituent of a strong main entrance door. It is the hinges that keep the heavy door frame swinging without getting distorted. They hold the door panels at their position and keep them properly closed without leaving a gap. The stainless steel door handles manufacturers also produce stainless steel hinges to choose from. They are corrosion resistant and can withstand a huge amount of pressure without any hassle. Choose hinges from the top manufacturers for better service.

3. Handles

What makes it easier to operate the door frames? The handles you have chosen have the highest contribution here. The stainless steel door handles manufacturers suggest choosing modern handles considering the main door frame design. The strength of the handles will also determine the ease of opening or closing the door. Keep it simple so that the installation process is easy and it will not cause any discomfort while using. Sometimes, the locks also come with handles. In most cases, handles are installed on the doors with double frames.

4. Latches

The latches are installed for a higher level of security. It is also important to install a door bolt on the interior surface of the doorframe. It escalates the rate of security to a considerable extent. The latches should be made of corrosion-resistant and strong alloy.

5. Door stopper

Heavy door frames can cause a huge impact on the walls and other items present. The door stoppers can help you stop the unnecessary swinging. It can hurt family members and pets. This is what the mortise locks suppliers suggest for modern households. Apartments at a considerable height in a residential tower will need such door stoppers to stop the door frames from banging.


These are the prime things you need to install on the doorframe to make them stronger and safer to operate. Always go with the best hardware manufacturer in the industry. Choose the top-rated mortise locks suppliers that offer excellent hardware to enhance the security of the main entrance door of your home. 


Dorset India
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