Exterior Painting: When to Paint for the Best Results

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A lot of people ask when to paint their exterior, and the answer depends on the climate where you live. Traditionally, painters were told to avoid painting during rainy or hot weather because paint doesn’t stick well in those conditions. However, today’s exterior paints have advanced so much that this advice no longer holds true in most cases. If you want to repaint your house this summer, the best time to start is now! Read on to learn when and how to paint your exterior and get the best results possible.

What happens when you don’t prep your home before painting

Before you start, make sure your home is ready for a fresh coat of paint. All surfaces should be cleaned, and any cracked or flaking paint should be repaired or removed. If needed, use a chisel or hammer and pry bar to remove loose or damaged plaster, then sand smooth before priming and painting. Also make sure that any wall hangings don’t block windows and doors so they can be easily opened when necessary.

The best time of year to paint your exterior

For exterior painting, you’ll want to schedule a job in spring and summer months. That’s when there’s plenty of daylight and warm temperatures (which are good for drying) but not too much heat that can crack your freshly painted walls. Avoid painting during rainy weather, as well—it can ruin an entire day’s work. Finally, don’t skimp on prep work.

Choosing an exterior paint color

The climate and location of your home will influence your choice of exterior paint color. Here are some helpful tips when choosing a paint color.

What color is right for my house?

Typically, light-colored paint is better suited for houses that get a lot of sunlight. Dark colors tend to absorb heat while light colors reflect it, so your home will stay cooler if you use lighter shades. Lighter tones like yellow and light blue will also make your home look larger. Be sure to ask your painter what color would be best suited for your house before he or she starts work.

How many times should I repaint?

Exterior painting fades and peels every time it rains or when there’s a lot of humidity in your area. To keep your house looking its best, you should repaint it once every few years (depending on how often it rains in your region). Repainting is typically done between April and October because that’s when mild temperatures are ideal.

How do I select an exterior paint?

Weather conditions, as well as time of year and time of day, all play a role in selecting exterior paint. Early morning is best if you’re concerned about humidity or heat affecting your work—just make sure there’s no dew on leaves that could drip onto freshly painted surfaces! Mid-afternoon is great if you’re working in cold weather.

Do I need additional products with exterior paints?

The answer is yes, but only if you’re using a paint that requires an additive. You’ll find that most exterior paints require some sort of additive (such as an alkyd resin) to give it better sun protection and/or durability. If you’re not using any additives, there’s no need to use additional products on top of your paint.

Additional Tips & Resources on Exterior Paints

According to Benjamin Moore, exterior paints should be applied between mid-April and late September. The prime reason for that recommendation is that paint simply sticks better in those conditions. But what does that mean exactly? And why do most painters avoid painting in rainy or hot weather?

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