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How Do I Fix My Yahoo Mail App Not Working On Android? Obtain Significent Solution

How Do I Fix My Yahoo Mail App Not Working On Android? Obtain Significent Solution

How to rectify Yahoo Mail not working on Android

If your Yahoo mail is not working and you have problems accessing your emails in your Yahoo mail account. Then, you should not worry at all as this article will answer all those questions for you. Refer to this article till the end and hopefully solve your Yahoo mail. 

Why is my Yahoo email not working on my phone? 

There can be a lot of different reasons why your Yahoo mail not working on Android; refer to some common reasons why your yahoo mail is not working on Android written below: 

  • It can be a connectivity issue, the internet connection, or the wifi connection might be weak, and it might be one of the reasons for your Yahoo not functioning. 
  • You may have a problem working on the browser. The browser you are accessing your Yahoo mail is a problem. Check for the browser settings and the permission settings. 
  • If you have access to the Yahoo application, then you should check that you have given full permission to the application for it to function correctly. 

What are the ways to Fix Yahoo mail not working on Android?


There are ways to fix the problem of your Yahoo mail not working on your Android, and you will find them written down below: 

Ways to fix your Yahoo mail not working correctly on Android 

  • You should try relaunching your Yahoo mail application. It is the easiest and most rapid troubleshooting step to make your Yahoo mail rework. 
  • You should fix your connectivity issue, check that your internet connection is strong and that you have a complete and robust internet connection to access your Yahoo mail. 
  • Clear all the cache data you have in your Yahoo mail account. The cache data is stored for your Yahoo mail to work efficiently. However, sometimes, these harm your application too.

How do I reinstall Yahoo Mail on Android? 

The steps are way too simple, and there’s nothing you have to do when you want to reinstall your Yahoo. Now, for reinstalling, you need to simply uninstall the program. Then, go to the app store on your Android and find Yahoo mail. Then, simply click on install and wait for it to get installed.



So, you can fix your Yahoo mail not working on Android error by going through the above information. If in case you have any other problems, then you can quickly contact the customer support of Yahoo and get all of your queries solved. Customer support of Yahoo will answer all of your questions. 

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