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Guide to International Courier Management

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Guide to International Courier Management

July 2022. Ecommerce has become increasingly popular, and parcel delivery has become a major worry for businesses ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Increasing companies across industries have begun taking advantage of outsourcing as part of the broader scalability of the supply chain. A courier service is extremely helpful if handled properly by a courier company. You wouldn’t find any other courier service that cares as much as you do for the customer. But it is important that you think about everything while operating the delivery business.


What is International Courier Management?

The role of international courier management is to manage the international courier process.


International courier management is the process of managing courier services for international export and import operations. Courier service providers are essentially in charge of transporting shipments internationally. There are many considerations when it comes to international courier management and the process can be complicated.


The following section will explore some of the considerations that come with international freight shipping, what options exist, and how they can be beneficial to businesses.


The Three International Courier Management Objectives

The objectives of international courier management are as follows:


  • Customers must be served.
  • Help the couriers who deliver those products.
  • Ensure that customers have a positive purchasing experience so that they will return for more.


It may appear simple, but each objective has its own set of challenges. Timely deliveries are required, and products may be breakable. Couriers will face challenges in the field, such as traffic, difficulty finding addresses, and customers who are not at home. Your customers also expect frequent updates.

It's a lot to juggle, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting as a courier. The best way to achieve these goals is to divide them into smaller tasks. This is what we've done for you below.


Why You Need Courier Management Software?


You will not be competitive unless you have an international courier delivery management system. An international courier management software, or ICMS, is a piece of business software that automates courier management and routing. An ICMS simplifies the following tasks:


  • Delivery route planning and optimization
  • Tracking and scheduling of couriers
  • Examining the performance of couriers
  • Tracking packages during delivery service
  • Customer updates


Manual planning and routing are hectic processes. Finding the best route through cities with thousands of different roads is difficult. When you have to calculate hundreds or thousands of stops, it's nearly impossible to do well.


Best International Courier Management Software for 2022

Sagar Informatics offers one of the best International Courier Management Software solutions to small, medium, and large courier companies. The software comes with a wide range of features, such as cloud-based courier software with an online orders, and courier tracking for delivery dispatch with a focus on international courier shipment. And equips all your branches to communicate with each other throughout the delivery lifecycle about package status.

Below are some benefits you’ll get from SIPL International Courier Management Software:


  • From order to delivery, we provide complete experiences. 


Professional courier software that is simple to use and inexpensive for courier businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. This software includes various features such as booking, label printing, 3rd party API integration, and online tracking to assist you in managing operations and improving your business.


  • Include Mobile Applications


Mobile app accommodation extends to full-fledged applications that essentially allow couriers to complete their entire job while on the road. Courier-specific mobile applications give couriers access to a real-time database of customer, package, and inventory data. As a result, we can become faster, more dependable, and more accurate.


  • Communication with Accuracy


This software enables all of your branches to communicate about package status throughout the delivery lifecycle. The software's communication methods are seamless, easy to use, and automated, whether via an integrated API, mobile app, or web portal. Users will also receive automated messages and updates.



At Sagar Informatics, we understand how hard you work to grow your business, and we believe it is our responsibility to grow alongside you. That is why we are constantly working to improve our software and assist you in achieving delivery success. Based on customer feedback, we are developing new features, and our support team is available to assist you with setup, troubleshooting integration with other software, and answering any questions you may have along the way.

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