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How to Identify a Purebred Golden Retriever?

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How to Identify a Purebred Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world. People prefer golden retrievers over other breeds for their loyal, gentle and attractive nature.

Due to the hideous breeders cheating their customers by giving away mixed golden retrievers whose nature and personality may be different. So today we will understand How to Identify a purebred golden retriever!

Let's begin with notable indicators to identify a purebred golden retriever.

  1. Short and Droopy Ears: Golden Retrievers have short and droopy ears. The end is close to the cheeks and the front edge is attached by the bubble eyes. If your puppy's ears are longer than bigger and straight like jurymen ciphered, it is 100% a mixed breed.
  2. Fluffy and golden coat: The second indicated to identify a purebred golden retriever is coat. Golden Retriever has a fluffy and golden color coat. The color may be lighter depending on the age. They have a double coat, so your puppy should be fluffy.
  3. Slightly Curved and upwards tail: The golden retriever tail should be slightly curved and upwards. The golden retriever's tail is thick. If your breed tail is not like this, it's probably a mixed breed.
  4. Feathering: The golden retriever has feathers under the ear, end of legs and hair.
  5. Friendly Temper: Temper is not accurate in all the breeds but mostly golden retrievers are gentle and friendly tempered. They are social, they can interact easily with other dogs, animals and even strangers.
  6. Pedigree: A pedigree is the 6th indicator to ensure that your golden retriever is purebred. A purebred golden retriever breeder should use for his puppy AKC pedigree. If not, that is a mixed puppy.
  7. DNA Test: If you are in doubt that your golden retriever is a mixed breed, you get a DNA test kit from Amazon and you can test through the kit and get results within one week. Through this DNA test, you can be sure that your breed is a mixed breed or purebred.

Now we discuss golden retriever price in Kolkata :

You get all over quality and purebred golden retriever puppies at low price in Kolkata. You get your breed at a very low price in gallop street in Kolkata but probably they are mixed breed. If you want a purebred golden retriever you must come to a pet shop in Kolkata, where you get 100% purebred golden retriever. Sellers all-time think about their profit, for this, they can be mixed puppies. Sellers mix puppies so they can sell puppies at very low prices. Always buy from a breeder rather than a seller, A breeder never mixed breed. You always get a purebred golden retriever from a breeder.

Breeders always take care of their breed very well.

Most dog lovers choose the Golden Retriever as their pet dog. If you want to keep a dog as a fancy dog ​​or a guard dog, the Golden Retriever is the best choice. But nowadays sellers sell and they sell mixed golden retrievers instead of pure golden retrievers.


If a pet lover wants to keep the Golden Retriever as a pet dog, he must first know about the Golden Retriever and then buy it. First of all, you need to be aware and know about Purebred Golden Retrievers which you can find out through our website, which are Pure Breed Golden Retrievers.

Above in this article, we discussed the Pure Breed Golden Retrievers. From the above points we can know which are the real golden retrievers and which are the mixed golden retrievers. If a customer follows the points correctly, he will never be cheated by a seller.

Pet Shop In Kolkata
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