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10 Things You Should Keep in Your Golf Stand Bag

Matt Welch
10 Things You Should Keep in Your Golf Stand Bag

Since you’ll be walking the course with them, golf stand bags need to be light and be kept that way. Lighter loads and ergonomic design and carry strap systems help you fight fatigue.

So while you need to be conscientious about what golf equipment you carry in your golf stand bags, there are still a few things that you would do well to bring with you on the course.

Obviously, you should carry along your clubs, golf balls, and gear, but here are a few things you should also stash in your golf bag. At first, they might not seem like essentials but play enough and you’ll soon realize their value. Plus, they hardly add weight!

1. A lightweight umbrella

Many stand bags are equipped with water-resistant fabric and matching rain flies. That’ll keep your gear dry, but not you!

Stash a lightweight, folding umbrella in there. Something that’s almost light and compact enough to stick in your pocket.

2. A change of socks

Wet shoes really ruin a game. Wet socks are even worse! As you know, wet socks will never dry, either.

So carry a spare!

3. An extra water bottle

Have you ever heard the expression, “two is one and one is none”? If not, here’s your chance.

It means if something is important enough that you carry one of it, it’s important enough to carry two.

4. Sunscreen

This is more applicable to sun-sensitive individuals, but still can be a gamechanger. A long day in the sun can be grueling, tiring, and downright painful. Protect your skin and your health; be prepared with some sunscreen.

5. Bug spray

Not all golf courses are plagued by gnats, mosquitoes, deer flies, and greenheads. Some are. You don’t need to wear bug spray all the time, but you should be prepared.

6. A few markers

Markers, like sharpies, can be used to mark your golf balls and personal gear. They can also be used in lieu of a pencil on your scorecard, for instance, if you lose or break the one you had at the beginning of the course.

7. Two towels

You know you need one towel. Why two?

Follow the rule of redundant preparation. Also, reserve one towel for your face and hands and the other for your clubs. You should always clean dirt, mud, sand, and grass off your club faces after each swing.

And, if one towel gets too dirty to use on your clubs, just switch to the clean one.

8. A small snack

Keep something like an energy bar or some dry snacks, like peanuts or trail mix. They’re great for a pick-me-up on the course if you start getting hungry or tired.

9. A windbreaker (if you have the space)

If you have the space, stash a windbreaker or a light jacket (preferably waterproof) in your golf stand bag. It’ll keep you warmer, drier, and more comfortable if the weather becomes inclement.

10. A little spare cash for the valuables pocket

You never know when you might need it, so carry some coins and bills to be better prepared while you’re on the course.

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Matt Welch
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