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Black kitchen or white kitchen? The pros and cons

TJ Stone
Black kitchen or white kitchen? The pros and cons

Black and white is two shades that we love to use without moderation. Black White? White black? In general we have to face a very long reflection when it comes to making a choice, and especially when it comes tocuisine. These two shades both have advantages and disadvantages which we are going to find out in this article.

Black cuisine: sadness or sobriety?

In New Jersey civilizations, black has for years been considered the symbol of sadness, death and despair. Many negative connotations revolve around him. However, black in decoration is also considered a trendy color. Today, a black kitchen is synonymous with class, sobriety, luxury and design. Choosing black in the kitchen is a real gamble and a real bias that raises a lot of questions. Is it going to be too dark? Too messy? Which Kitchen work plan to choose?

Follow the black kitchen Countertops trend

Choosing a black kitchen is not choosing a kitchen styles pacifically. Indeed, many styles of kitchens can result from this color. Of rustic to vintage through the design, black has been all the rage in all interiors for a few years.

It's a trend, and who says trend says old-fashioned, like closed kitchens in the twentieth century or even red and black lacquered kitchens from the 2000s. Do you remember that? You have to be careful to choose a dark colored kitchen, for taste and not to follow a trend. It would be a shame to have to change it again in 5 years.

Warning: a black granite kitchen countertops can be warm and is not synonymous with coldness; you just need to find the right combination!

Black cuisine gives character

The advantage of this shade is that it goes with almost everything and especially allows to give character to the room. This sure value can be associated with a wooden and metal splash back to adopt industrial style, why not add a glass roof to give even more character. Black can also be associated with a credenza in marble to give a chic and design side.

Associated with wood, birch, oak, stainless steel or marble, the number of combinations to make an authentic and personal kitchen are multiple. A second big advantage of this color is its perfect coordination with the home appliance. We all agree that household appliances are not the most “famous” thing in a kitchen. The black helps to hide the household appliances by making the whole uniform. Perfect!

Black kitchen maintenance

Maintenance is one of the questions you ask yourself before choosing your materials. You may think that a black kitchen is very messy. And this is not totally wrong. But many drop this idea for fear of difficult cleaning. However, according to numerous testimonies,black wouldn't necessarily be dirtier than white.

For example, matt black requires less maintenance than lacquer or varnish. What is important and what to remember is that the materials have innovated and that these new elements allow obtaining kitchen fronts that do not leave fingerprints.

Last advice to allow black to assert itself well: you need a bright room and good combinations of materials. Despite some preconceptions about maintenance, black cuisine, handled with taste and great attention, continues to appeal to the greatest number. It's your turn!

The white kitchen: a symbol of purity or a messy color?

White, this timeless color symbol of light and peace, continues its journey through time to offer us beautiful combinations of kitchens. A modern white kitchen brings a lot of light to a room. A timeless color, everyone dreams of a beautiful white kitchen that does not get lost in time.

Brightness of the white kitchen

White, whether the room is dark, with natural or artificial light, catches the light and immediately allows you to add grandeur to a room. White creates volume and is strongly recommended in a small cuisine. Want to expand your kitchen without pushing the walls? Put on white!

Namely: glossy white increases the impression of light and space. However, white despite its timeless and elegant appearance is quite a cool shade in a room. It is important to match your materials to break this coldness and avoid an atmosphere worthy of a hospital.

Stainless steel, wood, aluminum, marble countertops, dark and light paints, kitchen and kitchen combinations stylesare endless. acentral islandand beautiful materials will make your kitchen a friendly place where the whole family enjoys meeting. You can combine white with a wooden splashback to create a beautiful Scandinavian style.

This natural and rustic material will give character to your kitchen to break the chic white. You can also opt for a blue on the walls that will go perfectly with the kitchen and make it stand out. Gray, which is THE color par excellence that goes with white, will be perfect for a white kitchen and will create a zen side. Whether you want to put an original touch, cook rustic, contemporary, industrial, country, it's up to you to find the right combinations. 

White kitchen maintenance

We could ask ourselves the question of the aging of the white kitchen over time. It is said that a white kitchen tends to wear out faster than another. The question you are surely asking yourself and which I have also asked myself: is my kitchen at risk of turning yellow over time?

We've all had something white that has aged badly and turned yellow over time. To answer this question, no. Old kitchens used to turn yellow over time because of the materials used, but not anymore. The new materials prevent premature aging of the kitchen and therefore prevent their yellowing. Reassured?

So which color would you go for the most? Otherwise, why not go for a Black & White look?

TJ Stone
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