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Instant Pain Relief Subzero Aesthetic Lease To Own - AmericaCryo

America Cryo
Instant Pain Relief Subzero Aesthetic Lease To Own - AmericaCryo

A simple, fast and sage treatment option for health and beauty

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Fat reduction

Subzero is one of the most effective cryotherapy solutions for your aesthetic needs. It enables you to treat multiple areas of the body safely and in a very short time, improving active skin conditions while also preventing skin aging and reducing fat - all while using your body’s own natural healing processes to amazing effect!

How it Works

The subzero cryotherapy machine uses pressurized CO2 gas to target a local area of the body and cause “thermal shock.” This is where the benefits of subzero cryotherapy can really start to take effect. It removes toxins from the skin, promotes the growth of healthy and natural collagen fibers, contours and reduces fat through Cryolipolysis, puts the stretch back in skin, and even reduces puffiness in the face. Thermal shock has amazing benefits for the body. You’ll be amazed at what only 5 minutes can do for your skin and overall health!

Your Effective, Gentle Beauty Solution

Wrinkle reduction Cold temperatures can relax the muscles of the face, helping to do the job of injections for wrinkle reduction without any injecting.

Anti-Inflammatory: Cryotherapy reduces inflammation through skin cooling and clearing of toxins in the blood. Continued treatment can boost the immune response to fight acne-causing bacteria. Cold treatment can also locally decrease itchiness or feeling heat from inflammation.

Antioxidant effect: Cryotherapy, through the changes it causes to the body's blood flow, can help promote the delivery of antioxidants and other healing materials to the skin treated to prevent skin aging.

Fat reduction: Cryotherapy is a perfect tool for body sculpting and fat reduction by safely and preferentially targeting fat cells. Through the use of cold treatment, Cryolipolysis (commonly referred to as fat freezing) is achieved and helps to reduce localized fat deposits or bulges that do not respond to diet and exercise.

America Cryo
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