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Primavera short courses

Primavera short courses

Activity Percent Complete is an activity level setting in Primavera P6 that is used to update the amount of work completed on an activity. You can assign a default Percent Complete type at the project level, but it can be overridden at the activity level. Activity status update procedures are governed by the Activity Percentage Complete type.

Primavera P6 Professional blog provides

primavera short courses

This Primavera P6 Professional blog provides a complete description of each percentage type as well as sample videos. There are three possible types of completed activity percentages. Completed in the percentage of duration. Used to record progress based on the remaining duration.

This is the default Percent Complete type

Activity is controlled by the duration, Duration Percent Complete equals [(Original Duration - Remaining Duration)/Original Duration]*100, To update an activity using percent complete, enter the following, Remaining time or percentage of duration complete, Actual units of resources, The following video provides a video demonstration of how to calculate Duration Percent Complete.

Prof Units Completedcentage 

Percent Complete Units is used when activity progress should be calculated based on actual resource assignment units and units at completion. Percent Completed Units is calculated as Percent Completed Units = Actual Units / At Completion *100 To update activity progress using Units Percent Complete, enter the following.

Physical completion percentage

The physical percent complete is manually entered by the user and reflects the actual work done on the activity. To set an activity using a physical percent complete, do the following. Enter the Physical Percent Complete. Enter the remaining duration. Enter actual units for each resource.

Physical Percent Complete with Weighted Steps

You can set up Activity Steps to break work into smaller increments or checklists and then track the completion of those steps. Assign weights to actionable steps to control the physical percentage of activity completion.

Activity Percentage Complete

Knowing how to calculate Activity Percentage Complete is very important when using Earning Value techniques. The video demonstrations in this blog are taken from our self-paced Primavera training courses. Earned Value Management topics are covered in detail in our advanced P6 online course.


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