Factors to Consider When Ordering Custom Cakes Vancouver


Cakes are an important element of any event worth celebrating. Many bakeries bake lip-smacking cakes that make the event memorable for the party's guests. But many discerning customers nowadays want to go for Best Custom cakes in Vancouver.

What are custom cakes in Vancouver?

Usually, cakes are available in a handful of all-season flavours like Black Forest and Butter Tarts. But many customers demand a unique design, theme, appearance, and flavour for cakes. 

Custom cakes are those that are not available in the market. You may have to ask a bakery that is known for its design work to bake one for you. The same applies to restaurants and caterers who make wedding cakes.

Custom cakes in Vancouver are popular with elite customers, and it is easy for you to order them at any bakery, restaurant or caterer of your choice. You must check whether they offer customization services before ordering a special cake from them.

What points to keep in mind when ordering custom cakes?

[1] Availability

You must ensure that you are going to get the kind of flavour and design you want. It is good to call the bakery, restaurant or caterer prior to ordering a custom cake. If you place an order in a rush and then get disappointed, it may spoil your day.

The same applies to bakeries and caterers who make wedding cakes. You must meet them ahead of time and give them all details about what kind of cake you want.

[2] Price

Custom cakes are normally more expensive than readymade ones. This is because the baker or caterer will have to spend time and effort on the design, flavour and making of the cake. 

These extra costs will be passed onto you as the customer, so you must try and negotiate for a lower price as it is possible.

Bakeries often have packages for custom cakes, but you may have to pay extra if you want extra details such as gold and silver edible embellishments on your cake. The more elements you add to the cake, the more you can expect the price to increase. 

Typically, a simply designed cake will be less expensive than an intricately designed cake with exotic ingredients added to it.

[3] Decoration on cake

There are a lot of things you can do to make your custom cake unique and special. You must be creative and think of a lot of decorative ideas. 

Decorations such as edible images, colours, and sweets are musts during decoration. Take your time to think of the design as it will look nice on the finished cake.

Many bakers customize cakes by using edible images or sweets to make them stand out from other cakes.

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