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Home Remedies for Kidney Stones: What Works?

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones: What Works?

Kidney stones are solid kidney deposits that pass through the urinary tract before leaving the body. Yes, passing a kidney stone can be extremely painful depending on its size. The good news is that kidney stones can occasionally be removed by using home remedies and following the finest nephrologist's guidance.

Why do kidney stones develop?

Dehydration, excessively acidic urine, urinary tract infections, the accumulation of waste and toxins in the kidneys, and other conditions, alone or in combination, may contribute to the development of kidney stones.

Numerous lower back, stomach, or urinary tract pain, which may be severe, mild, or painful, are among the symptoms. A small percentage of patients may also suffer from nausea, frequent urination, cold, or excessive perspiration.

The intensity and unpredictability of the onset of pain are solid reasons to visit a nephrologist or urologist, even if kidney stone symptoms vary depending on the size of the stones.

Keep in mind that kidney stones can be easily treated if found early. But if the stones are ignored, they could grow and become excruciatingly painful.

Also keep in mind that even while using home treatments can help, seeing a kidney stone specialist is still essential to prevent serious pain aggravation and other health issues.

9 Natural Home Remedies to Remove Kidney Stones

1. Consume Lots of Fluids

It has been proven that drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily is quite helpful for naturally removing kidney stones. In addition to water, one may choose homemade fresh fruit juices like pomegranate juice, lemonades, or even soups. All have a proven track record of providing significant kidney stone management benefits. Also keep in mind that they aid in both flushing out little stones as well as preventing them from growing larger.

However, stay away from processed juices as they contain a lot of hidden sugars and may raise your risk of kidney stones.

2 Drink Basil Tea 

Acetic acid, which is a substance particularly helpful in easing the pain brought on by kidney stones, may be found in plenty in basil tea. Small kidney stones have also been successfully removed with the use of this therapy.

In essence, basil tea provides a quick fix to improve the kidneys' normal operation by assisting in the removal of excessive uric acid and preserving uric acid levels in the kidneys, which prevents or dissolves tiny kidney stones. Additionally, its anti-lithiasis properties break up and reduce the size of existing stones while preventing their production.

3. Take Apple Cider Vinegar ingestion

The kidneys can be protected from oxidative stress by using apple cider vinegar. By avoiding numerous kidney disorders, it raises the body's antioxidant levels, balances blood sugar, and lowers blood pressure.

Additionally, citric acid, which is believed to aid in kidney stone dissolution, is present in apple cider vinegar. Consuming apple cider vinegar frequently or everyday also removes toxins from the kidneys.

4. Keep an Ideal Body Weight

Did you know that kidney stones can be more likely to develop if you are overweight or obese? Surprisingly, research indicates that women may be at more risk than men. Obesity is linked to metabolic abnormalities such as compensatory hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, which can result in the development of calcium-containing kidney stones.

Consequently, to overcome weight concerns, one must combine physical exercise for at least five days each week with a low-carb and lean protein diet that can aid in weight loss, kidney stone dissolution, and prevention.

5. Consume a Diet High in Calcium

The most typical kidney stones are calcium oxalate crystals. However, there is a widespread misperception that consuming a diet high in calcium can cause kidney stones. According to studies, consuming oxalate-rich foods including milk, yoghurt, cheese, and other dairy products with meals can reduce the risk of kidney stone development.

1000–1200 mg of calcium should be consumed every day.

Additionally, stay away from red meat and shellfish, which are high purine foods that might cause kidney stones.

6. Consume wheatgrass juice.

The components in wheatgrass juice boost urine output, making it easier for the stones to pass. Wheatgrass also has a lot of antioxidants, which aid in removing calcium deposits from the urinary tract. To dissolve and prevent kidney stones, one can consult their doctor and drink wheatgrass juice instead of using medicines.

7. Sip juice made from celery root

The kidney stone-forming chemicals have been known to be eliminated by celery root juice. This has a long history of use as a traditional drug to remove kidney stones from the body.

Nevertheless, it is well recognised to interact with some drugs, including levothyroxine and alprazolam. Consequently, one should seek medical guidance before beginning celery root juice therapy.

8. Bean-and-Kidney Broth

In India, kidney bean broth has been utilised as a natural kidney stone cure. A classic recipe that has been utilised to enhance general kidney and urinary health is the broth made from boiled kidney beans. It also aids in dissolving and eliminating the stones.

Prepare cooked kidney beans by straining the liquid or broth, then sip on a couple glasses of it throughout the day. However, stop drinking the soup if you develop bloating or nausea.

9. Juice from dandelion roots

Juice from dandelion roots may lessen the buildup of crystals in the urinary system. Dandelion tea can be an important alternative if dandelion root juice cannot be consumed directly. Maintaining healthy kidney function and keeping them cleansed is thought to lower the risk of kidney stones.


These home remedies are a must-try if you have kidney stones, as they help to a certain extent in flushing or dissolving kidney stones. This is especially true if you have a family history of kidney stones you should visit a kidney special hospital in India.

In any event, do not put off seeing a doctor if kidney stone pain worsens. In addition, the illness may worsen or exacerbate, causing intense pain and problems that necessitate rapid treatment, making home therapies ineffective during these times. Therefore, it is advised to consult a urologist or nephrologist and take the necessary precautions to avoid kidney stones!

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