Essential Things to Consider When Buying Bananas

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Bananas—the most easy-to-access and popular product in the market and often obtainable for a few cents per pound. Nevertheless, the real-world price of this fruit is huger than one can think of. 


When you purchase bananas, you might be supporting the upsetting environmental practices, the conquest of labor unions and their rights followed by unintentional support to terror organizations. 


Despite these disturbing facts, the good news is that it is still possible to purchase bananas without supporting an exploitative and corrupt industry. There are plenty of Columbia Banana Suppliers that are going beyond the basic standards to produce the most OK quality bananas without harming the workers and the environment. 


If you want to purchase the highest-quality bananas from an authentic Banana Company in Germanyhere are some factors you can look for. 


  1. Certified Fairtrade 

This certification has a simple yet effective goal—it intends to provide more profits to the producers and workers through a fair pricing structure that allows labor to earn a sufficient living wage. It is commonly used with products developed for exports like bananas, sugar, chocolate, and coffee. 


Its values integrate an all-inclusive blend of principles that address environmental, economic, and social concerns. These comprise transparent relationships between producers, and buyers, followed by safe working conditions, respect for the environment, children’s rights, fair pricing, and gender equality.


2.  Certified Organic 

It takes more poisonous agrochemicals per acre to grow bananas compared to any other crop across the globe, which is bad news for the environment, farm workers, and people who purchase them. 


Therefore, it is crucial to purchase bananas that are certified organic. It’ll ensure that from the environment to plantation workers to people, everyone and everything is protected from poisonous compounds. You can easily find these organic bananas in grocery stores. They characteristically cost only a few bucks more than usual non-certified ones. 


3.  Equal Exchange 

Equal Exchange Certification intend to nurture a closer assembly of farmers and people worldwide by keeping Banana Producers Companies in charge of their own products. This sprout of fairtrade authentication works to develop long-term and trustworthy trade corporations that support both environmental and economic sustainability for both buyers and sellers. 



It’s totally okay to pay extra bucks to protect yourself and the environment from toxic chemical compounds. Seek out products that are fairtrade or organic certified to ensure that you’re making an ethical choice. 


Sky East UK Ltd
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