10 Restaurant Staff Training Topics

Helsiki Derven

Preparing your group with food and beverage skills training topics ensures that the team is calibrated with workspace operations since handling dining includes several components. It also enables restaurant managers and staff to address issues and devise a working environment for the business to function smoothly. To accomplish this goal and offer the best dining experience to your clients, let us check out the top 10 restaurant staff training topics that you should discuss with your employees.

A-List of 10 Key Restaurant Staff Training Topics

  • Food Safety

The significance of food safety cannot be overlooked in the dining industry and knowing and understanding fully about food safety ensures that the food items served to your customers are not contaminated. The food items are formulated hygienically and are safe for consumption. A restaurant can start by discussing this topic and explaining the fundamentals of food and safety rules such as cross-contamination prevention, proper food storage, personal hygiene, foodborne illness, and preparation. 

  • Integration

Integration is often overlooked, however, it helps your restaurant to function smoothly and efficiently. This job requires resetting tables, maintaining hygiene, cleaning, clearing, and more in coordination with all employees to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for diners. However, it is important to note that client interaction also plays a major role when it comes to integration. 

  • Serving food

Your dining serving employees are the face of your business, and they are the ones who devour their time interacting with clients. They should be trained to greet the clients properly, take their orders politely, seat them, and more. They should also know all the items on the menu as it is necessary for them to answer any questions about the food items served and suggest avoiding any mishap.

  • Sanitation and Cleaning 

In the hospitality industry, cleanliness and sanitation are major factors that should not be overlooked. Customers will not visit or check out a restaurant that has negative reviews on cleanliness. It is important to keep your restaurant clean and sanitized as it makes a lasting impression on clients, and even on those customers who have not visited yet.

  • Excellent Customer Service

The dining industry flourishes on customer service so make sure that your team members are trained properly. Customer service can either break or make the success of running a restaurant. While giving training on this topic to your staff, you can begin with the correct way of greeting and welcoming your customers. Being acquainted with your restaurant and menu is also necessary since it enables flexibility to adapt to a client’s requirements or requests. 

  • Opening and Closing the Dining 

Closing and opening a restaurant is not as easy as it appears. Before you open or close the restaurant for the day, some protocols should be implemented to ensure that you are ready for the next day. Train your staff on what needs to be done before shutting or opening the dining such as turning on and off the lights, setting the tables, cleaning, counting cash flow, and more. 

  • Food Storage and Handling

Giving training on the correct way to store and handle food items to your staff is also important to preserve the integrity of your restaurant. It is essential to assure that the food made is safe and hygienic to eat. It begins when you start accepting food deliveries to make sensory assessments and inspections and ensure that the food items prepared are in good condition. 

  • Cashiering

A restaurant’s cashier is accountable for executing payment transactions. Besides handling money, which can be challenging for some team members, they also have to communicate with clients at times. Functioning in a restaurant often needs job rotation so all employees should be facilitated with cashiering training so they can work the register smoothly and with confidence, which will also safeguard your restaurant from mishandling of funds. Your clients will also appreciate quick and accurate checkout procedures.

  • Effective Communication

Besides implementing their preliminary functions, restaurant employees do different roles such as customer service representative, salesperson, host, and more. It is suggested to practice active listening with your employees to understand them. It is important to have precise and straightforward team communication to avoid chaos and confusion.

  • Workplace Safety

In a fast-evolving industry where employees are exposed frequently to heat, sharp objects, chemicals, and more, dangers and risks are likely familiar in restaurants. All the risks can result in work-related injuries, such as burns, muscle strain, cuts, slips, trips, falls, and more that can even be lethal. So training your staff on workplace safety is advisable.

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Helsiki Derven
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