How Digital Printing Has Transformed the Construction Industry


From the concept design stage through to the completed construction project, digital printers help ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Anyone in the architect, construction contractor, or engineer knows that accurately printed technical drawings are critical to any project.

The construction industry is heavily reliant on prints to communicate their ideas with their team. Previously, traditional offset printers were used, and as the world moved to digital printers, the construction industry did as well.

But why digital printing?

While traditional printers can help with a large number of prints, digital printers are the way to go to create large, precise, and visually attractive plans.

Plans that are digitally printed are best for anyone in the AEC industry. They are high-quality and can be printed on sheets as large as 100 × 141 cm.

Here are some reasons why digital printing is the way to go for the construction industry

  • Precision in the lines – Every detail matters. Digital printers have up to 0.1% accuracy and precision. The printers ensure that they print the different line weights accurately and help avoid mistakes that can lead to spatial misalignment. Also, due to high turnover time, digital printing ensures no delay in the work and helps avoid project delays.

  • Clarity in colour, – Digital printers can easily distinguish the contrasts between colours. This helps architects, builders, and contractors easily understand their work and finish the job quickly with little to no difficulty in this area.

  • Handling errors – Changing errors can often be a tedious job. However, they can easily be rectified with digital printing.

  • Customization– This is one of the best advantages of digital printing. Every sheet can be customized for plumbers, electricians, and even building contractors.

  • Cost-effective – Because of the lack of plates, plate making, and even the press, the cost of digital printing is considerably lower compared to traditional offset printing.

More : https://www.cadreprographics.com/how-digital-printing-transforms-the-construction-industry

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