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How to Properly Store Your Leather Coat?

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How to Properly Store Your Leather Coat?

How to Properly Store Your Leather Coat?

Have you just bought a leather coat? Are you wondering how to preserve the attractiveness of the pricey material? Proper storage is the key to the longevity of the garment. A leather coat may be kept from fading, drying out, or losing its shape by using proper leather storage methods. Use these tips to properly store your leather coats purchased from the Glory Store, so that it lasts longer than just a few wears.

Clean it thoroughly

Before storing, give your leather jackets a thorough cleaning. Remove all stains from the leather coat at the conclusion of the season. Use a moist towel and cold water to quickly clean the leather, so as to clean the coat in a proper manner and ensure that its fabric stays in a pristine form.

A professional cleaner specializing in leather and suede clothing should clean the leather if it has an ink stain or a noticeable odor. A leather coat will oxidize if spills and stains are left on it, making cleanup impossible.

Keep the coat away from sun and heat

When exposed to intense heat, leather clothing expands. Keep it away from exposed light bulbs and vents from which warm air might escape and damage your leather coats. A leather coat that has already expanded cannot be shrunk or put back into its original shape.

Before storing, brush the coats

To remove bits of napped leather, use a little brush with short bristles. Gently massage the brush along the leather grain. This will be enough to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the fabric and make sure that it retains its texture, color and appearance for a long time to come.

Use breathable materials to cover your leather coats

To store the leather coat, cut an old white twin or queen sheet in half and tie that over it. Keep your coat out of plastic storage wrappers, since the skin will dry out the cloth. Instead of using plastic bags and non-porous storage containers, use a cotton garment bag or a bag made of netting.

Use wooden hangers or padded hangers

To keep your leather coats stored properly in your wardrobe, use sturdy wooden hangers or padded hangers. The weight of a medium-sized woman's leather coat is too much to support for a wire hanger or a thin plastic hanger. The wire will subsequently bend and deform as a result. Purchase cedar wooden hangers, which can eliminate any faint scents that might still be present in the leather jacket's lining.

Use white acid-free paper

To keep the shape of the garment, stuff the sleeves with white acid-free paper. If you will pair your leather coat with a matching skirt or pair of pants, clean both at the same time to ensure even wear.

It is important for you to note that when cleaned by leather experts, leather coats may develop oxidation, or undergo a minor color change or a slight shrinkage. Thus, while trying to store a leather coat in your wardrobe, avoid folding it.

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