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Today, a hat is much more than a clothing piece. It gets considered a stylish accessory that defines the lifestyle, the personality of an individual, and even her social etiquette. The majority of the time, wearing a hat has been about vanity, head protection, status symbol, and style.

You can’t compare the practice of hat-wearing during the 20th century with that of hat-wearing towards the first half of the 19th century. For the latter, wearing a hat included more meaning instead of simply providing security to your head. However, there are styles for women’s western hats and men’s hats that offer both comfort and style.

Every hat has an origin that provides the hat its purpose.

It’s a type of ivy or a flat cap. And the flat caps are flat, but the newsboy cap comes with a circular body. These caps date back to Britain, in 1571 when the parliament had ordered non-noblemen and boys above six years and more to layer their heads by wool caps on Sundays and holidays.

Anyone who failed to do so was subjected to a fine. The primary purpose of the hat was to increase the domestic wool sales in England, which used to be a major economic activity. And in the 1900s the newsboy cap became famous as an increased number of working-class Americans and Europeans started wearing this hat. It also got worn by the newspaper sellers as well. The hat is also featured in a popular British crime drama series named “Peaky Blinders.”

The Fedora

Even Price Edward of Britain gradually started to wear this hat, and it became popular amongst men too. The fedora hat is chic and provides good head security as well. It was an essential part of formal wear back in the mid-20s, 40s, and 50s. You can also trace it during the 80s, which marked the rise of informal wear. Today, the Fedora gets looked upon as a classic and elegant hat.

The Beret 

Even though this hat was worn as a military hat in ancient Greece, you can trace its origin in Basques. Some expert fishermen and sailors resided along the Spanish and French sides of the famous Pyrenees Mountains. And it explains the reason for the same-looking hat appearing in Scotland.

The original beret was red or navy blue if you look at the original beret. However, today, there are several colors that you can opt-in for. Several groups have worn it in their own way throughout history, including the military team in WWI and WWII, women, sportsmen, and even entities such as Che Guevara.

Hat Makers
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