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Reset Body Healthy Dials For Recovery – Go For Detox!

Luminous Care
Reset Body Healthy Dials For Recovery – Go For Detox!

Fasting is not about dieting; abstaining from drugs and alcohol isn’t detox. 

Detoxification is the process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from the body. It’s much beyond juices, starvation diets, or consuming lemon juices. When you choose Alcohol or Drugs over time, it plagues your system and congests its functioning. If you choose ‘cold turkey’ or abruptly break, you might end up with life-threatening consequences. 

When someone is trapped in addiction or encountering substance use disorder, the first step towards their recovery starts with detox. 

Detox is abstinence from substances so that person can get ready, cut off the wire from unhealthy habits, and focus on recovery. The Detox phase is not part of addiction treatment but is expected when we enter rehab. 

The withdrawal comes with its own subset of unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms are due to a combination of numerous factors, including – severity, types of drugs, genetics, dosages, comorbid condition, personal characteristics, genetics, metabolism, and much more. The early signs of withdrawal begin within a few hours of drug usage and may take days to appear. In the case of complex and long-term addiction, it can take from days to months. 

Withdrawal symptoms undergo three phases: acute withdrawal, protracted withdrawal, and prolonged withdrawal (long-term symptoms including cravings and depression). People are prone to relapse while getting sober. There are many uncomfortable, distressing, and painful symptoms. A physician-assisted or medical team-backed detox can ease the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings. 

How Long Does Detox Lasts?

Detox phases usually last from 5 to 7 years and may even exceed if comorbid conditions accompany it. The specific timeline can be decided after assessment and knowing its history, including substance ingested, length of time a person struggled, physical makeup, type of drugs, and much more. 

Detox is supported by a clinical assisted team and therapists who oversee to keep the process safe and comfortable. Overcoming drugs or alcohol is not like overcoming addiction; it requires a comprehensive treatment plan followed after detox. 

After Detox…

Relapse rates for substance use disorders are higher, but you could diminish the chances of relapse if it is followed by Inpatient Treatment. The backbone of addiction treatment programs is Therapy. When you follow the structure of detox, inpatient program, outpatient, and aftercare, you should be able to achieve long-term recovery.

Therapies are carried out by industry professionals who understand the complexity of substance abuse and how to deal with it. Therapists would craft a plan, addressing the underlying issues, comorbid conditions, health disorders, and more. They would help you develop coping skills and reinvigorate your life. 

The Luminous Care Medically Supervised Detox Services 

The Luminous Care is a private and high-end amenity full addiction rehab in Florida. Along with our local clients, we receive clients from distinct parts of the country that choose us for our quality services and effective treatments. Our team of detox experts would help you safely transit out of addiction under 24 X 7 medical supervision, and high-quality detox protocols and end finishes. Just detoxification is not the solution; it requires comprehensive treatment after detox. We offer multiple levels of care, including detox, inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. 

Nestled amid mountains and green lush, our retreat offers custom-curated care and cutting-edge services to create a recovery plan tailored to you. 

Steps out of addiction into a purposeful healing and flourishing life. Get help at The Luminous Care. 

Call us now – 833-422-5585 or For more information enquire us at [email protected]

Luminous Care
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