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How To Do Organic Music Marketing on YouTube

Emma Jolly
How To Do Organic Music Marketing on YouTube

Want to gain as many followers as you can while promoting your music as quickly as possible?

You don't need to be an expert in marketing. You don't even need to understand the fundamentals of marketing.

There are approaches to music promotion that seem more organic and human-centered.

I want to present a method of music promotion in this post in the hopes that it may alter your perception of it. I'll also discuss some doable organic music promotion strategies.

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You most likely create your own music if you're like the majority of people working in the music industry nowadays.

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How to Approach Music Promotion

I create some music, upload it to services like Spotify and Apple Music, and then someone else heavily promotes it.

You see, I don't really enjoy advertising for myself. I'm not naturally good at it. If you're anything like me, you might be unsure about where to begin. Changing our perspective is a terrific first step.

I try to think of it as just me sharing something I made, rather than "marketing." I am enthusiastic about it.

No of how you feel about it, self-promotion is essential for your career as a musician.

Maybe you've heard of that dated marketing strategy:

Before someone responds to your message, they need to see or hear it at least seven times. The Rule of Seven is used to describe this.

This is accurate for one key reason. It takes time for others to get to know you. Additionally, it takes time to win their trust.

Playing the long game is necessary because of this. Plan for it to take some time for whatever marketing and promotion strategy you choose to be successful.

You won't gain any super fans if you don't give folks time to trust you. You probably won't achieve the success you want without amazing supporters.

Is Your Music Ready for Promotion?

It must be ready before you start broadcasting your music to the globe. Why do I say that? The item must be "radio ready."

It must sound like music from radio stations, Spotify editorial playlists, and television advertising.

You must be an excellent engineer to have your music radio-ready. Learn to master your tracks and to mix well (or hire a mastering engineer).

Engineering is a necessary initial step. Get it at the source: Musician On A Mission is all about GIRATS.

When you know what you're doing during the recording process, everything will flow.

You can properly mix your song with stock plugins, the right skills, and a solid reference track. This step is what gives your song a polished sound.

You must master your music in order to make your tracks seem as loud as the tunes playing on the radio. You must complete this step before releasing your music.

Therefore, before handling the mastery yourself, be sure you are familiar with the procedure.

When you've finished with these components, you're ready to start marketing like crazy.

Ways to Promote Your Music Naturally

Let's now discuss some natural ways you can promote your music. These are strategies for attracting long-term supporters of your work.

Your music career is built on the support of your audience. Without their assistance, your career as a musician won't progress. Therefore, you must urge them to speak with you.

Ask people to respond when you publish on social media or email your subscribers. Although "likes" are excellent, you should offer content that people want to respond to.

You can use the following questions to engage with your fans:

What songs should you cover, ask them?

Decide which original music you should record or release next by polling your audience.

Create 10-second "themes" for your audience.

Offering fans something they want will boost interaction. Get their attention and fulfil your promise.

Create a themed Spotify playlist

A wonderful method to market your music on Spotify is to create a playlist that suits the occasion, the season, or the mood. The music you enjoy, including your own, can be shared.

Examine the themes and emotions of your music.

then construct a Spotify playlist around that theme or subject. Include tracks from your favourite performers, and start the playlist with one or two of your own tunes.

Put the tunes that make you think of a road trip at the start. Then, fill in the remaining spaces with your favourite songs for road trips by other musicians.

For two reasons, this is a natural and efficient way to promote your music.

First, there's a potential that people will encounter your playlist when looking for tunes for road trips.

Additionally, your current admirers will like the outstanding song selection for their upcoming vacation. Include your pals that are talented musicians as well! Everyone benefits when musicians support one another.

Connect with a local business you love

Any company that values its community will at the very least think about collaborating with regional musicians. It not only strengthens ties locally, but it is also a wise business decision for both parties.

This cross-promotion is natural. Here's how you can collaborate with a neighbourhood company you adore: Approaching a place you already visit, like a coffee shop or an art gallery

Request that they include your song(s) on their store's playlist.

Collaborate with others

Let's talk about collaboration because we're discussing cross-promotion. This is an organic and enjoyable way to give and receive promotion.

Let's assume that your co-writing session results in a song that should be made public.

You and the other songwriter record the song, give it a professional sounding mix, have it mastered, and then put it out.

The music has to be promoted after that. And you'll each be promoting it to your own fan bases.

You tell your fans about this fantastic musician with whom you co-wrote a song. When the other artist follows suit, you are effectively cross-promoting one another.

Promote the work of other independent musicians, even if you haven't collaborated with them yet. You'll probably get promoted again. Your musical career can be built on a solid foundation of other musicians who share your interests.

Join conversations

Social media is just a medium for brand promotion for some companies. All they do is get folks to download their free PDF or purchase their wares.

Using social media to advertise is acceptable. You're missing out if you ignore the "social" component, though.

We musicians should take part in the discussion because of this. Join in on any conversation going on about music.

People will probably be more receptive when you share your music with them if you have a reputation for providing insightful advice.

So, these are some areas where you can participate in conversations:

LinkedIn groups

Twitter \sSubreddits

blog remarks

Start a blog

This is the ideal job for writers. It's a natural way for you to express your ideas and promote your music at the same time.

It's comparable to jumping into a conversation. Maintaining a blog that informs, educates, or entertains readers fosters trust.

And the Rule of Seven says that before people would genuinely listen to you, you need their trust.

How to launch a blog to market your music is provided below:

On your official music website, start a blog.

Select a subject for your blog (e.g., songwriting, life stories, updates, philosophy)

Create a few posts and schedule them for release.

Edit each content for search engine optimization (SEO) to make it simpler for Google users to locate you.

Give away free stuff in exchange for an email

In the world of current marketing, this is one of the most reliable techniques. Give away free things in return for email addresses. By including them on your email list, you may communicate directly with them about your new music and noteworthy events.

Many times, devoted followers will subscribe without expecting anything in return. But if you give away a special freebie in exchange for their email address, you can expand your fan base.

Just be you

Being authentic is the most crucial marketing strategy. This is especially true if you're attempting organic music promotion.

Nothing is more natural than you being you.

People discuss your brand and what is consistent with it. But all of that is nonsense.

The brand is you. Your brand is therefore everything you do, say, share, and enjoy doing.

Are two of your passions or initiatives distinctly different from one another? It is irrelevant.

Both of them are originating from you. They both fit your brand, so that's good.

Do you use any innovative organic promotion strategies for your music? Leave your advice in the remarks!


Emma Jolly
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