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How to pick up right sponge

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How to pick up right sponge

Floor cleaning machines are extensively used to keep floor clean and in decent condition. Along with that, it is equally significant to choose a decent quality floor scrubber pad. Selecting a floor cleaning equipment pad which is inefficient will result into waste of time and money. On the other hand, picking up a sponge pad which is quite aggressive can create damage on floor that leads to expensive repairs. So, it is recommended to check out the buying guide of floor scrubber sponge to make sure your investment turns worthwhile.

Scrub Pad Manufacturer in India

The first step is to shortlist a reliable Scrub Pad Manufacturer and then you can look for the kind of sponge pad you need. The best Scrub Pad Manufacturer In India is famous for producing high-quality sponge pads that assure effective cleaning results in less time. Here is a guide on how to pick up right sponge:

Common types of sponges:

The below list involve many synthetic sponges whereas some other are produced from plant cellulose.

i. Natural sponges:

These sponges come in fibrous, porous skeletons that are soft and capable to absorb a lot of liquid. Since decades, sea sponges are harvested due to these properties.  

ii. Non-scratch sponges:

Non-scratch sponges are safe to use on non-stick pans and pots. They don’t scratch surfaces of ceramic bake-ware.

iii. Cellulose sponges:

Cellulose sponges are prepared from recycled plant fibers. Typical sources include cotton and wood pulp. Compared to other types of sponges, they are quite inexpensive and more absorbent. Choosing Cellulose sponges from a reliable Scrub Pad Manufacturer benefit you with efficient cleaning.

iv. Heavy-duty sponges:

They are extremely abrasive. You can apply them to discard tough debris from surfaces of baking pans and stainless steel pots. Make sure not to use them on nonstick cookware.

Choosing the right sponge based on your utensils:

It is extremely significant to select a sponge based on the type of your utensil. This is because an incompatible sponge will turn your investment worthless.

i. Dishes and plates:

To wash dirty dishes, there are plenty of options. If your plates and dishes are awkwardly shaped or fragile, you can use a handled sponge tool or pick up cellulose sponges.

For cleaning dishes and plates, Cellulose sponges are recommended. This is because they are comparatively expensive and can absorb soap and liquid. Moreover, they are prone to collecting food stuffs. This implies that bacteria and irritating odors would be instantly removed from plates and dishes. You can sanitize your Cellulose sponge weekly and replace it if it depicts signs of wear. You can easily get a quality Cellulose from a popular Scrub Pad Manufacturer In India.

ii. Glassware:

An abrasive sponge is not a suitable choice to clean fragile glassware like water glasses and stemware. It is better to choose a sponge which is relatively soft and scratch-resistant. So, for cleaning glassware, you can choose a nonabrasive cellulose sponge or microfiber sponge. It is also vital to look at the shape of the sponge. For example, for cleaning long, narrow glasses, you can choose sponges with long handles and thin heads.

iii. Pots and pans:

Utensils like baking sheets, stainless-steel saucepans, and other tough kitchenware can attract plenty of grime. If you want to effectively remove such buildup, you need to use a tough sponge. So, you can go for abrasive sponges for cleaning pots and pans.

Precautions to take when using a sponge:

Once you have chosen the right sponge, to speed up the washing process, you can combine your dishes in a tub or sink, clean your dish rack, and finally clear space on the counter or inside sink. If you are having sensitive skin or if you want to protect your hands against grime, slime, and warm water, you can use gloves. The basic dish gloves are nice to consider.

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