Know why the need for a Pesticide Testing Laboratory has been high as ever


Pesticide residue analysis is essential for ensuring a food item's integrity before selling it in the market and letting people consume it. Through this process, the pesticides that are generally used while growing a crop and other food items get reduced and extracted from the items so that they cannot harm the human body after consumption.  

For this reason, with the growth of industries all over the world, the need for pesticide testing laboratories is also increasing. Give this guide a quick read to know why the need for a pesticide testing laboratory has been high as ever.  

What are some different types of harmful pesticides? 

These days, with the fast growth of commodities and other products, several industrialists are getting their hands on pesticides that are extremely harmful to human bodies and health. They also use several fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides, herbicides, molluscicides, etc. These, along with killing the insects, deteriorate the overall quality of the products and leave some adverse effects on human health.  

Some toxic pesticides and other chemicals used by industrialists include:  

  • Organochlorine pesticides 
  • Paraquats and Diquats 
  • Fungicides 
  • Rodenticides 
  • Fumigants 
  • Carbamates 
  • Chlorophenyl groups 
  • Organophosphorus pesticides 
  • Multiresidues 
  • Growth Regulators 
  • Synthetic pyrethroids 

Which industries and products are using pesticides?  

The number of food categories and industries using pesticides is simply uncountable. So let’s have a look at some of them. 

  • Animal foods and feeds 
  • Fruits and fruit products 
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages 
  • Herbs, spices, and condiments 
  • Canned and processed foods 
  • Honey 
  • Coconut and coconut-based products 
  • Baby foods 
  • Vegetables 
  • Poultry, meat, and farm-based food 
  • Nut and nut products 
  • Oil seeds and By products 
  • Already to eat and proprietary foods 

Why is the need for a pesticide testing laboratory touching the sky?  

So, as you have already seen, finding an industry that does not use pesticides or fungicides these days is not easy. From baby food industries to vegetable farms- the use of pesticides is everywhere. Therefore, before marketing all those products, testing their integrity is a must to avoid any unwanted issues related to the product in the future. Hence, the manufacturer must contact a pesticides testing laboratory.  

If a certain product does not go through the professional and scientific testing of a pesticide residue testing lab, it may cause permanent disease and death to the consumer. That's why testing those items in a laboratory is a must before selling any product on the market.  

Whether it is dry fruit, poultry items, meat, milk, honey, infant foods, or anything else, a pesticide residue testing laboratory can identify the number of pesticides inside the item. Additionally, a lab and professional assistants also use many scientific instruments to conduct every process to eliminate those toxic chemicals from the food item to make it consumable.  

If you are a food item manufacturer who uses pesticides and other chemicals to ensure the fast growth of your commodities, opt for a pesticide testing laboratory before marketing your product. In case your products do not meet the regulatory standard, you may face unwanted issues in the future. So be wise, and contact your nearby pesticide testing laboratory.  

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