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What is Software Development Life Cycle? A Complete Guide

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What is Software Development Life Cycle? A Complete Guide

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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) could be a new acronym to many, but the history of the procedure dates long back ever since the existence of computers. The first computer and its operators during the ENIAC and vacuum tube era have passed through several developments and after decades of advancement, it has reached the latest and foolproof processes.

Today, the software development life cycle includes several developmental tools and hardware advances as a whole process. The entire cycle is the result of logical thinking and keeping in mind the business objectives for which the software is getting built. While the requirement phase of SDLC includes several steps and approaches, the ultimate goal of any software development lifecycle process is to build software efficiently and effectively without bothering the client’s budget much.

Further, the professional software development company such as Prismetric will help you understand different phases of Software development process and walk you through the roadmap while providing all the required guidance and inputs as required in the different phases of building your successful software.

What is the SDLC? The definition

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) refers to a systematic procedure to build software that warrants superior quality and scalability of the product. Standard software development requirements management aims to cater to the business objectives defined and narrated by clients so that the final product is satisfactory and fulfills the needs of the investment.

The requirement of SDLC

The SDLC goal is to facilitate everyone involved in the software development process with a foolproof and solid methodology so that to minimize the development risks, stick to specific objectives, and deliver the best-in-scope product to the buyer at the end.

What are the benefits of Software Development Life Cycle?

Software development is a complex process that entails foolproof planning and systematic execution. Whether the process is carried out at your premises or you have outsourced the project to a dedicated software development team, software development requirements management is of paramount importance and you cannot ignore it.

How does SDLC work?

When you follow a standard software development guide, the software development life cycle defines the overall development of each task or milestone to be completed. These milestones or processes are kept together to make a completely customized software solution. SDLC can bring down all the wastage of time and simultaneously increase the productivity of the development process. Software Development Life Cycle also assures that the project is on the right track and steadily developing without any hassles.

What are the software development life cycle phases?

The whole software development life cycle phase or process can be divided into seven steps. From requirement collection or gathering to maintenance, every step in the ideal software life cycle model comprises a defined task that is carried out with utter attention. Here are the stages –

  • Requirement collection and analysis phase
  • Step of Feasibility study
  • Software Design Phase
  • High-level design (HLD)
  • Low-level design (LLD):
  • Software development and Coding Phase
  • Software Testing Phase
  • Software Product Installation and deployment
  • Maintenance of Software

Internationally acclaimed SDLC models

SDLC models assure that all the phases of Software development life cycle are carried out smoothly with minimal or no hassle. It is important that when you outsource your project to any offshore software development outsourcing company, they should inform you about the SDLC models they practice. Here are some of the popular methodologies for software development process–

  • Agile model in SDLC
  • Waterfall model in SDLC
  • Spiral model in SDLC
  • Big bang model
  • Incremental model in SDLC
  • V-model in SDLC

The software development life cycle (SDLC) has been in practice because it systematizes the software building process in a standard way. As a result, the final product meets the client’s expectations and predefined business objectives. Thus, it is important for any buyer to select and request a quote from one of the best custom software development companies along with a piece of detailed information about all these aspects so that you have the assurance that in addition to following all the important procedures for software development, a standard SDLC process will be followed thoroughly.

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